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Ten great apps to download onto your Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung_Galaxy_S3IMG_0044.jpgSo you've got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3 - perhaps you've even taken the plunge and left Apple at the same time? As always with a shiny new phone, it is fun to get started downloading apps right away. You might already have some favourites, but what else is available on Google Play?

Here is our guide to ten great apps to download to your Samsung Galaxy S3.

1 Swiftkey 3 (£2.99)

There are plenty of free apps for you to explore with your new Galaxy S 3 phone, but if you can afford another £3 then this little app will transform the way you use your handset. It is an amazing keyboard that learns from the way in which you type to ensure that even if you are delivering jibberish it will magically turn into the words you want. You can try it free for a month, but after that cough up the cash. It will save you so much time.

Get it here. 

2 Live Score Addicts [Free]

Obsessed with football? Then this is for you. This clever app keeps you up to speed with what is happening in games across the globe letting you know about all the key incidents - goals, penalties, results etc. One of the best bits are that its push notifications are lightning quick. Highly recommended.

Get it here.

3 Samsung Remote [Free]

If you have a Samsung TV this free remote app means that you can use your Galaxy S3 to control your Smart TV using Bluetooth. A must have for Samsung fans.

Get it here.

TV Catch Up.jpg4 TV Catch Up

This brilliant little app offers hundreds of live TV stations - including all the UK ones that really matter - live streamed to your mobile. Perhaps not the best app if you just have 3G coverage but very handy when you have access to Wi-Fi.

Get it here.

5 Pulse [Free]

Pulse is a really smart way of keeping up with your websites and blogs. It grabs an image and the headline of each story and presents it to you in a very striking grid format. Highly recommended if you want to keep up to date with lots of blogs and websites

Get it here.

6 Zinio [Free]

One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is its very large screen. It is so big you can read magazines on it. No really. And if you fancy flicking through your favourite publications Zinio should be your first stop. It is a kind of mini corner store stuffed with all kinds of publications. Many popular mags are available here.

Get it here.

7 S Health [Free]

It's a brand new year, which means most of us are trying to live healthier lives. Apps are great for keeping track on your health and wellness, and this Galaxy S3 specific app is compatible with a number of different devices so that you can monitor your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Download from the Samsung "More Services" app on the Galaxy S3.

8 Bomb Sight [Free]

If you're a history buff (or just mildly interested in eras past), this app is great fun! Mapping the London World War II bomb census for the period of the Blitz, between 7th October 1940 and 6th June 1941, the Bomb Sight app allows you to explore where the bombs fell as you walk around the streets of London. When in London, use GPS to find your location and discover where the bombs fell using Augmented Reality.

Get it here.

9 Flashlight [Free]

Ok, so it might not sound that sexy but Flashlight is a must for any Galaxy S 3 owner. Basically it turns your mobi into a really bright, and we mean really bright, torch. You never know when you might need it. It has been a life saver for me on many occasions.

Get it here.

10 Spotify [Free + £9.99/month]

This Android app has recently had a complete overhaul with a much improved redesign, ICS support and high-res photos of your favourite acts. Best enjoyed with a Spotify Premium account which lets you listen to all of your favourite playlists when offline or stream anything from the extensive library when online.

Get it here.

If you haven't bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 yet try Carphone Warehouse for some great deals.

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  • kiki

    what you do when you download something you never see it come in apps in your samsung s3

  • manda137

    Hy! I have galaxy S3 mini, and it is perfect smartphone! Really! Only thing it is not good on it is his battery. I need to charge him every f*cking day! can anyone find something to solve this problem? For exp. on sony ericsson xperia Z ( my brother has that smartphone so I know what I am talking about) battery last fo four (4) days with net, youtube, games...i mean, there is no battery saver or something like that!
    And about this apps, not really top 10 apps for galaxy s3. Maybe only Flashlight. And that app number 2., live score is not working!

    p.s.sorry on my grammar mistakes, I am from Croatia! (Ingrid speak English-watch on youtube!)

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the app ideas! I am still rocking a S2, but I am always on the lookout for cool or useful apps. I think I might check out Swiftkey, Pulse, and Zinio later tonight once I get home from my shift at DISH. I would like to suggest another great free app that I recently downloaded. It’s called DISH Remote Access, and I can use it to control my DVR while away from home; that comes in really handy when I forget to record an upcoming show, but my favorite feature is its ability to stream live TV or DVR recordings to my phone over 3g, 4g, or WIFI. Now (that hockey is back) I can watch the Avalanche play live, even when I am stuck at work!

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