ShinyShiny snippets: Joe Rogan promises more balanced views on Spotify podcast

Joe Rogan has pledged to try harder to offer more balanced views on his podcast, after he was criticised by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell for helping to spread Covid misinformation. The Canadian musicians asked to have their music pulled from the streaming platform as a result. Spotify has since said it is working to add advisory warnings to any podcast discussing Covid-19. US broadcaster Rogan apologised to the company and vowed to do better. In an almost 10-minute long Instagram video posted on Monday, Rogan said he would “try harder to get people with differing opinions on” on his show – which averages 11 million listeners per episode. BBC 

The Apple AirPods Pro 2 are the likely next-generation of the company’s popular noise-cancelling earbuds – and if the rumors are to be believed, they’ll be the most advanced true wireless earbuds we’ve ever seen.  The original AirPods Pro are among the best wireless earbuds you can buy, with immersive Spatial Audio support, active noise cancellation, and fantastic integration with the wider Apple ecosystem. The next version of these buds are rumored to come with a range of significant upgrades: We’ve heard about everything from codewords that can control the active noise cancellation to blood oxygen monitors embedded in the earbuds themselves. But how likely are such futuristic features? Tech Radar 

A calorie tracking smart watch aimed at children as young as six could contribute to eating disorders in young people, campaigners have warned. The £19.99 activity watch, manufactured by children’s wristwear supplier Tikkers, automatically records steps taken, distance travelled, minutes of activity and calories burned.  This smart bracelet is aimed at children aged six and over, and is available with straps decorated with pictures of butterflies, unicorns, cupcakes and rainbows. While some have argued that the device could help tackle the growing problem of child obesity in the UK, Tom Quinn, of eating disorder charity Beat, felt it would have a detrimental impact on the majority of children. Daily Mail 

One of the world’s leading telecoms tycoons is shifting focus to the UK’s burgeoning electric car market by creating the charging venture Egg.  John Malone, the billionaire “cable cowboy”, has forged a new venture offering electrical vehicle drivers charging points and ongoing support at their home for a fee of around £30 a month.  The venture is being launched in the UK through the investment arm of Liberty Global, the telecoms holding company controlled by Mr Malone, which also co-owns Virgin Media O2. Egg, which will also sell solar panels and battery storage, is part of Liberty’s growing bet on the booming electric vehicle market after forming a joint venture with Zouk Capital last year to roll out street charging points across the UK. Telegraph 

3D emoji may still be coming to Windows 11. Image: Microsoft

Microsoft appears to still be working on true 3D emoji for Windows after first teasing it last year and then only shipping 2D versions in Windows 11. Nando Costa, a distinguished designer at Microsoft, revealed recently that the company is still working on making Windows 11’s emoji look more 3D. On Friday, Costa authored a blog post on Microsoft’s new direction for its emoji system, detailing the company’s push towards 3D after a 2020 hackathon. Responding to a tweet from someone wanting 3D emoji in Windows 11, Costa says “We’re working on that,” with a grinning face with sweat emoji. We still don’t know when 3D emoji will appear in Windows 11, but at least Microsoft is still working on bringing its original vision to life. The Verge 

Remote working could cost swathes of Britons their jobs as firms look to move roles outside the UK, recruiters have warned. With companies “struggling to coax workers back into the office”, there is “much less downside to offshoring” than there was before the pandemic, according to Randstad, one of the world’s largest recruiting companies. The firm told Sky News growing wage demands are “emboldening some global employers to move jobs to low-cost centres”. Victoria Short, chief executive of Randstad UK, said salary increases that are well above inflation in business and finance are “making short-term offshoring attractive again” and “could signal the start of ‘Offshoring 2.0’.” Sky News 

Chris Price