CES2017: Actijoy introduces health and fitness solution for dogs!

It isn’t just us humans that need to shape up in the New Year. Pets do too (especially if they’ve been gorging on the Christmas leftovers). That’s why Actijoy has introduced what’s being billed as the world’s first health and fitness solution for our overweight pooches.

Apparently in the US there are over 70 million dogs and 53% of these are either overweight or obese which somehow doesn’t surprise me looking at some of their owners.

The Actijoy packages comprises three main parts to get your hound healthy for 2017: a health and fitness tracker, a WiFi enabled water and food bowl and a companion iOS and Android Mobile app.

Attached to the dog’s collar, the health and fitness tracker features flashing LED lights so that you can tell where you dog is in the dark and, like a human fitness tracker, it will collect information such as how far the dog has run and how much rest he or she has got.

Handy if you want to check whether the dog walker is doing their job and taking your pet out for a walk during the day while you are at work!

It can even be used in conjunction with human trackers like Fitbit so you can contain all the information in one place.

Nor is the Actijoy fitness package only concerned with exercise. Using the WiFi enabled food and water bowl you can monitor just how much your dog is eating and receive alerts if the food or drink is running low.

If you have multiple dogs it will also recognise which dog is using the bowl. What’s more, if the weather is very hot and sunny you can get alerts sent to you telling you to fill up the bowl with more water!

Finally, all of the data can be collected in the Android or iOS app. Here you can receive alerts about upcoming vaccinations and vet’s appointments as well as monitor your dog’s activity and track its diet.

Actijoy is using CES in Las Vegas to launch its canine health and fitness solution as well as raise money via a Kickstarter campaign. For more information go to Actijoy’s website.


With the companion app you can monitor your dog’s vaccinations and check its activity


Chris Price