Pure release Siesta Rise digital radio with smartphone charger

Pure has today announced the latest addition to its Siesta collection of bedside digital radios – the Siesta Rise.

With a sleek, updated design and array of great features including a handy USB smartphone charging port, the Siesta Rise also delivers the high-quality sound we’ve come to expect from Pure products.

As it’s a bedside radio, the Siesta Rise is designed to be set to a favourite radio station to wake up to in the mornings, and you can select up to 20 stations as presets.

The Siesta Rise boasts a very clear display which is easy on morning eyes – impressively, it automatically dims to match the room lighting, and this can be manually adjusted too.

Helpfully, it’s also been programmed to automatically adjust its clock when the clocks go back and forward.

‘Bedside radios are still an extremely popular choice for consumers,’ says Nick Hucker, Pure’s senior director of global marketing.

‘So with the additional features, such as USB charge ports, it’s likely to become even more compelling. Siesta Rise is the latest development in our range of digital bedside radios that goes a step further with hand-tuned audio and highly engineered hardware design.

‘Pure’s heritage and reputation for quality is not only something that can be relied upon across our whole range of products, it’s something you can set your alarm by.’

Pure Siesta Rise digital radio is available now at Johnlewis.co.uk for £79.95.

Sadie Hale