10 Apps to make you more productive: Evernote, Feedly, IFTTT

6. Best for security: Google Authenticator

It’s one of the best dull on the list, but also the most important. Google’s Authenticator adds two-step verification to anything you need to keep secure that you use your Google account to access.

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7. Best for catching up on news: Feedly

If you spend a lot of your time going to your favourite websites and blogs to see what’s new, then bring everything together in one place instead with Feedly. It’s one of our favourite RSS readers and allows you to view all the important stuff you need in any format you like – whether that’s big, flashy magazine-style or just simple text.

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8. Best for storage: Dropbox

There are plenty of cloud storage options for you to choose from, but we find ourselves coming back to Dropbox again and again because it’s so reliable, secure and easy to use. Make sure you have the app downloaded as well as using Dropbox on your computer in case you need to access something important when you’re on-the-move.

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9. Best for finding your way around: Citymapper

It’s arguably the best mapping app on the planet and Citymapper is slowly taking the world by storm one city at a time. Currently in New York and London, the app is the holy grail for finding your way around and working out the best way to get anywhere in your city.

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10. Best for clearing your mind: Buddhify

Those who are keen to be always-on and super productive 24/7 tend to get a little stressed and mess their priorities up. Pencil in some quiet time to yourself each and every day with the help of meditation and mindfulness app Buddhify. You’ll get way more done once you’ve taken a break and checked back in with your breath and your body.

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Becca Caddy