UK’s Top 10 TikToks for 2022 revealed

Professional farrier Sam Dracott has taken the crown as the UK’s most viewed TikTok as he filmed the oddly satisfying process of cleaning up one of his steed’s hooves, writes Sky News

He told the news channel:

“It’s an amazing and surreal feeling that a video of me doing my day-to-day work has accumulated over 270 million views.

“Farriery is a trade that has gone on for hundreds of years, so it’s really incredible that people are so interested in a video of me shoeing a horse.”

The top comments suggest people find watching it rather relaxing, and Mr Dracott thinks TikTok’s habit of teaching people new things also plays a part in the video’s success.

He said: “I receive a lot of messages asking how I got into my trade, how can someone become a farrier, what qualifications I took. It’s a very physical profession that requires a lot of skill and patience to master the craft, but equally the most satisfying and rewarding job.”

A young couple who found love after a head-over-heels barista asked a customer out by way of latte foam also feature on the list of the UK’s most popular TikToks of the year.

Sophie Hosking had been serving the “cute” Mexican customer at Edinburgh coffee shop Grams for about a year before she took the plunge, writing him a message in the foam of his regular order.

It was the latest in a series of fun designs she had worked on over several months, steadily working up the courage to write the “ur cute” calligraphy (complete with love heart) on 23 May – see below. 

“Luckily for me, he drinks dairy-milk latte, which is the easiest type of coffee to make latte art on,” she told Sky News.

“However, the actual coffee in the video was definitely a spur of the moment decision.

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