Ten top tips to make your home more energy efficient

Fed up of escalating energy bills? With all six big energy suppliers having recently put up their prices, now is the time to take action – to save money and do your bit for the environment in the process. Dudley Moor-Radford, managing director of British smart energy firm Moixa, gives his top ten tips on how, by making a few small changes, you can make your home more energy efficient.

1. Buy an eco-kettle

Transitioning to an eco-kettle (such as this one from Vektra) is an easy way for all of you tea and coffee lovers to save some pennies and improve your energy efficiency. Drastically overfilling means that more energy is used to boil the water, an unnecessary waste that can easily be avoided by paying for a more eco-friendly kettle.

.2. Use rugs on the floor

Decking out the house with your favourite rugs does more than add a bit of style. The additional insulation can also help to save between 4-6% on energy bills 

4. Stock up on energy efficient light bulbs

Adding value to your home and making it more energy efficient in the meantime, there are multiple benefits to choosing to switch from traditional light bulbs. Energy efficient lightbulbs, such as halogen incandescents, typically use over 25% less energy and last at least three times as long, making the move a no-brainer.

5. Keep the oven door closed

As keen as you are to keep an eye on those roasties, continually looking in the oven does nothing for your energy efficiency. Opening the door can cause the temperate to drop by 65°C if left for 30 seconds, meaning those veggies take a little longer than normal to be ready for the kitchen table.

2. Use a solar panel and smart battery

As companies such as EDF and British Gas continue to raise their prices, there’s no better way to protect your pockets while making your house more eco friendly than by installing a solar panel and smart battery system. Not only are you putting those sunny days to good use, but using platforms such as Moixa’s, mean that you can keep an eye on your energy usage, giving you control and insight into your energy consumption.

6. Block your draughts

Particularly important for old houses. Leaving drafts unattended to is a sure way to waste energy in your home. It may not be the sexiest option on the list, but purchasing some padded draught excluders is an easy way to keep some of that heat indoors and lower your energy usage’’.

7. Open the blinds

Opening your blinds to the sun outside isn’t just a great way to start the day, it’s also a real energy saver. Getting some of that warmth indoors can save up to 10% of your energy use, making your house a brighter, more energy efficient place to live.

8. Install underfloor heating

Not just for new-home builds, underfloor heating is an attractive and effective way of heating your house. It’s a far more preferable option to the unattractive and energy-inefficient wall radiators people are currently accustomed to having on display. And if you have to have air conditioning make sure you get an AC maintenance plan so it is working as efficiently as possible.

9. Keep your fridge in the shade

Without going too Feng Shui, deciding where to place your fridge can have a big impact on how efficiently it runs. Moving it from direct sunlight into the shade is an easy way to keep it cool and reduce the energy used to stop your goods going off.

10. Use your microwave

The microwave isn’t always a suitable replacement for the oven. However, when possible it’s worth considering where you can make the move. More than just a re-heat job, 50% less energy is used by microwaves than a typical oven, making it another simple way to improve your energy efficiency.


Chris Price