7 Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Pancake

perfect pancake
The Bake King, AKA Ben Cullen, has come up with the top do’s and don’ts for creating the perfect pancake this Shrove Tuesday. 

Ben’s top tip is to not beat yourself up with “over-beating the mix” – as millions fail before it hits the pan by over-mixing the ingredients. And it really is all in the wrist, as Ben – famous for his optical illusion bakes and Netflix ‘Extreme Cake Makers’ – says we should really give a toss when it comes to perfecting the ideal flip.

Getting the motion right is crucial – but flipping excessively will give you an uneven bake. Other common fails people make, according to Ben, include not heating up the oil or butter in the pan before adding the mixture and overbeating it which makes the pancakes too dense.

Leaving the mixture sitting too long before making the pancake is also a no-no, with the baker claiming it should only be left for a maximum of 30 minutes. A new or clean non-stick pan is also essential with a scratched pan likely to leave you with less than perfect results.

The Bake King, Ben Cullen, who has teamed up with Samsung to produce his homemade top tips video, says:

“Pancake Day is one of my favourite days of the year. It seems to be the main day that attracts everyone to have a go at baking, which is always a main goal of mine.

“Making pancakes is such a simple thing, but only if you know how, so I hope my ultimate flip-able pancake formula allows people to up their pancake game.”


1. A new/ clean non-stick pan will always give the best pancake results. A dirty pan or a pan with scratches will cause less than perfect results.

2. Give your pan a quick wipe around and oil/ re-fresh between each pancake. This will stop any burning and keep each pancake looking perfect.

3. Check the underside of your pancake – just lift up one edge and look under. Flipping excessively will inevitably make the bake uneven.

4. Try and get the perfect photo-finished look for social media. Don’t put on your drizzle toppings too soon; and make sure your camera is ready to go.

5. If you’re feeding a big family, then have two pans at staggered intervals – this way you can be cleaning and re-prepping one pan as a separate batch is cooking – work smarter not harder.

6. Check your angles for the perfect flip shot, try shooting from below for added effect, and make sure the pancake doesn’t cover your face mid-air.

7. Add some personal flair to stand out, like food colouring or different shapes.

You can see The Bake King in pancake action in this YouTube video below:


Chris Price