POC unveils solar-powered cycle helmet costing 250 Euros

Solar-powered gadgets seem to come and go but very few seem to really capture the imagination of consumers, writes Ashley Norris of Transition Earth

One that might is a “self-powered cycling helmet”, which has just been unveiled by POC. 

The Omne Eternal, which will land in Europe in June priced at 250 Euros, incorporates solar power technology into the helmet’s shell that charges via ambient light to power a rear light so you don’t even bright sunshine for it to work.

The helmet uses a technology called Powerfoyle, a “light-harvesting material” that can convert any light source into electrical energy. This is then integrated into three panels on the top of the helmet.

And according to POC buyers in sun-starved countries, like the UK, need not worry about charging as the system can harness power from ambient light – like a light bulb, as well as the sun. There is no charging cable or power switch either. Simply putting the helmet on activates the light.

According to POC: “when used outdoors, on an average day with mixed clouds, the helmet battery will gain about twice the energy used to power the light. It can in theory keep alight for a whole night up to ten hours.”

Chris Price