Top 5 #MannequinChallenges. Including Hillary Clinton, Little Rock Trojans swim team and, of course, a boxer dog

Little Rock Trojans .png
Just how did the swimmers hold the same position on the bottom of the pool while being filmed. Amazing Mannequin Challenge from the Little Rock Trojans swim team

There’s always a new internet phenomenon just around the corner, it seems. Hot on the heels of the Water Bottle Flip challenge of last month, which drove parents and teachers mad in equal measure, comes this month’s ‘viral’ sensation – The Mannequin Challenge.

Usually filmed with the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background, the phenomenon is actually believed to have started with some students in Jacksonville, Florida in October. However, it’s still going strong (at least until the next viral phenomenon starts).

Seems you still can’t move for Mannequin Challenges right now, whether that’s football players celebrating a goal or, our favourite, swimmers in a pool. 

5. Hillary Clinton Mannequin Challenge

Remember those halcyon days when the world was full of hope and everyone thought that Hillary was a shoe-in for the US President’s job? Things were so much more fun back then, so much fun in fact that Hillary and her entourage – including bizarrely rocker Jon Bon Jovi – even found time to film a Mannequin Challenge aboard her campaign plane.

4. Vegas Strip Club Mannequin Challenge

No we’re not sure about the ethics of filming the Mannequin Challenge in a strip club either, but we have to admit this one from the Sapphire Club in Las Vegas does look pretty good, especially the pole dancing scenes. How do they hold that position upside down for so long?

3. ThatcherJoe’s Ultimate Mannequin Challenge

As one of the world’s biggest Vloggers in the world with an audience of over 7.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channels, Joe Sugg – better known as ThatcherJoe – is never far away from the latest internet sensation. Here he is doing The Mannequin Challenge while entertaining a huge audience in Melbourne, Australia. Not easy with a huge number of people in the crowd but I think he pulls it off.

2. Boxer Dog Does The Mannequin Challenge

Seems you can’t move for boxer dogs on TV and the internet right now. If they’re not jumping up and down on trampolines in the John Lewis advert they’re appearing in videos for The Mannequin Challenge. Now I’ve seen a lot of Mannequin Challenges featuring our canine chums including this one from The Dog’s Trust in Evesham, but understandably perhaps the dogs don’t really get it and wag their tails throughout. This guy, however, nails it. He’s a born doggy dummy!

1. Little Rock Trojans Mannequin Challenge

Any video that’s filmed underwater presents several challenges, such as having to use waterproof equipment. However, when the name of the game is also to stay still for as long as possible, it becomes even more of a challenge for those taking part. Not only do they have to hold their breath for as long as possible, they also have to stay in the same position in the water without floating to the top. So how US swim team, the Little Rock Trojans, managed all this is beyond me, especially sitting down around a picnic table on the bottom of the pool (not part of the usual swim training I’m guessing). Very impressive indeed.

Chris Price