7 Designer Shower Heads That Redefine Bathrooms


The most basic definition of a shower is “a cubicle or bath in which one stands under a spray of water to wash”. They can also can boost your physical and mental health. Soothe tense shoulder muscles? Tick. Ease a headache? Tick. Improve circulation? Tick. Calm the mind? Absolutely. Improve sleep quality? You betcha! A shower also provides the perfect opportunity for some pampering or simply a way to cool down in the summer.

Your shower, and in particular the shower head itself can also be a key design feature of your home; they have come a long way since the days of rubber piping attached to the taps (lucky you if you have never experienced that). Prepare to be amazed at these incredible shower heads that will redefine your bathroom, and possibly your life.

1. Bossini Syncronia Line

Imagined by renowned Italian innovators Bossini, this contemporary shower head can be operated by simple hand sensors to switch between the overhead sprinkler to water jets. One of the leading shower brands in the world, Bossini is synonymous with high safety standards and functionality as well as luxurious design, and consideration of its environmental impact.


2. Fantini Ceiling Mount Double Shower Head

A double shower head you say? Perfect for shared showers or double the fun all to yourself. Combining sleek edges and a chrome finish with a double ceiling mount lends symmetry to this stylish offering. This rainfall shower will definitely keep you warm in the winter.


3. Kohler DTV+ Digital Shower Interface

Boasting a completely waterproof touchscreen control pad, this shower allows you to control the pressure, temperature, steaminess and music − and you can save up to six pre-set modes – perfect for all the family! Or you can have different settings for a morning shower to energise and get you ready to face the day versus evening settings to relax and calm after a hectic day.

Kohler DTV+ Digital Shower Interface

Beo Fruit Shower Head Pack

A sure-fire conversation starter for guests, this veritable fruit bowl of wall-mounted circular shower heads comes in watermelon, guava, lemon, orange, pineapple and pomegranate. Surely this must count as one of your five a day right?


5. MusicJet

Everyone knows the best place to sing is in the shower. With this Bluetooth shower head, you can connect it to your mobile and sing into this watery microphone to your heart’s content. Be careful you don’t get soap in your mouth or it’ll turn into a soap opera (boom). For those who like to always be in touch, a single press of a button can pause the music and answering incoming phone calls via the shower head.

Music Jet

6. WaterHawk Smart Rain Shower Head

With colour-coding to indicate the exact temperature, this environmentally-friendly shower head also monitors your real-time water usage, encouraging water conservation. Even more impressive is that it is powered by a hydroelectric generator meaning it helps power itself via the running water.

WaterHawk Smart Rain Shower Head

7. Hansgrohe Raindance Royal 350 AIR Shower Head

Save the best ‘til last right? This massive 14-inch circular brass shower head with no-clog spray channels uses AIR-injection technology to create a showering oasis ranging from a relaxing hot raindance shower to an invigorating air-infused massage experience. Your showers will never be the same again!

Raindance Royal 350 AIR Shower Head

To Shower or Not to Shower?

Whether you are in the market for luxury, quirkiness or saving the environment there is a shower head for you. Now pass me the shower gel…