Steps To Starting To Shop More Consciously

There is no doubt that you will have read about the environmental and social damages that fast fashion is having on the globe. There has been a failure of some retailers to make changes or look to improve the conditions that clothes are made in, and more of us are looking to take steps into more conscious and sustainable consumerism.

But for things like this it can be really confusing as there can be some conflicting information out there. So here is some information gathered from all around to give you some tips and tricks to guide you onto a journey of making more conscious choices when it comes to your fashion and clothing.

  • To start with, if you want to make some more choices about understanding where your clothing comes from you have to start looking at things like clothing labels. Think to yourself, how far has the item of clothing come, and can you trace it back there? If it is difficult, then it might be time to look at if you really need that piece of clothing or not.

  • In order to make some decisions around conscious fashion, then you need to think about what is most important to you. Is the environment a big factor for you, or are fair wages and working conditions something that you are passionate about? Are you passionate about animal welfare and want to be looking for things like vegan designer bags instead of cheaper alternatives? When you know what you want, it can be easier to find brands and stores that align with what you are after.

  • It is important to remember that this whole process or journey is a marathon and not a sprint; you don’t have to be swapping everything you own or throwing all of your old things out. To start with, it can just be slowing down the fast fashion that you would have normally sought out. Some stores will have new clothes in all of the time, but do you really need them? It could start out with just asking yourself if you would need these things in a couple of years time.

  • Taking steps to living in a more frugal way is another way to start on a more sustainable lifestyle. Look for creating things like a capsule wardrobe with sustainable and ethical pieces of clothing, instead of fast-fashion that will have broken or gone out of style in a couple of months time. You want to look for things that are going to last for a long time, if you need to get them at all.

  • In another effort to live more sustainably, then it can be totally worth looking at things like thrift stores and secondhand stores. They are accessible, a good way to shop, and will keep things budget-friendly. So when you are looking for something new for a particular thing, those kinds of stores can be worth looking at instead of just reaching out for a quick and fast fashion store.