10 Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets Every Fan Needs to Own for May 4th

Love cooking? Love Star Wars? Then read on….

In celebration of Star Wars day, leading North West kitchen company Ramsbottom Kitchens has put together an impressive list of Star Wars themed kitchen items which are the perfect accompaniment for a sleek, modern kitchen.

Any Star Wars fan owes it to themselves to look at these 10 awesome Star Wars kitchen utensils. Whether you’re craving a glass of blue milk or a sarlacc steak, you’ll find what you need here. It’s time to make the jump to hyperspace and enter a culinary galaxy far, far away. Punch it!

Yoda Chopping Board

We all need a chopping board. Chopping ingredients is a fundamental step in the food preparation process, for dishes including meat and/or vegetables in particular. From this day forward, you could be chopping with more style than Lando Calrissian during Cloud City fashion week. With one of these Yoda themed Star Wars chopping boards, make food preparation fun for lightyears to come. Do you find any lack of bacon disturbing? Or perhaps you think of cooking as an absolute must? Either way, this chopping board is for you. Just don’t find yourself cooking the meal backwards, or you’ll cause an almighty mess. Etsy

Star Wars Pattern Rolling Pin

Every kitchen needs a rolling pin. The long, cylindrical hunk of wood has blessed kitchens for an age, and that isn’t going to stop any time soon. Needed for a plethora of different cooking instances, rolling pins don’t come much cooler than this Star Wars engraved option. With famous characters, symbols and iconography emblazoned across its hard wood surface, this is a choice to complete your kitchen once and for all. If visitors ask about all your Star Wars kitchen items, then tell the truth – it’s just how you roll. Etsy

Stormtrooper Waffle Maker

If waffles are your thing for breakfast or brunch, then you can do no better than this Stormtrooper waffle maker. Not only does it make delicious food for you or your family, it makes that most boring of meals – breakfast – that bit more exciting. Who doesn’t want to eat a Stormtrooper head at 7AM? No one, that’s who. If you opt for this waffle maker, you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time at all. eBay

Han Solo Ice Tray

Having a freezer well stocked with ice is something everyone desires. How else would you enjoy a cold beverage at the end of a long week? Use this ice tray however, and your ice becomes Star Wars ice. That’s right, you can drop your own carbonite-encased Han Solo into your glass and drink away. That’s almost as cool as Han Solo himself. Merchoid

Han Solo Fridge

If you’re a true Star Wars aficionado, why not go even bigger? This fridge brings the majesty of Han Solo’s carbonite trapped form into your kitchen. Now you can benefit from Han’s precarious situation by chilling your food & drink within his temporary home, courtesy of Jabba the Hutt. An impressive statement piece for any kitchen lucky enough to be graced with its presence, this fridge is anything but scruffy looking. This is one for the die-hard fans. Disclaimer: real Harrison Ford not included. eBay

R2-D2 and C-3PO Bowls

Bowls are needed for everything from cereal to soup. As such, why not improve your kitchen no-end with these R2D2 and C-3PO fashioned bowls? With such a wise purchase, you too can eat out of a droid head every day. Don’t worry, they’re not real. We aren’t savages. They just look more awesome than a Death Star made of cheese. Speaking of cheese… Think Geek

Darth Vader Cheese Grater

Is your regular old kitchen apparatus grating on you? Join the dark side and grate all of your cheeses through the power of the force. In this case, that involves firmly gripping Darth Vader himself and going to town on a block of cheese as you prepare your pizza, pasta or whatever else you love to smother with dairy products. To make the deal even sweeter, this package gives you multiple graters. That means you can use another while one is being washed, you have spares in the event of any breaks or losses, and you could even give one to the sith loving friend in your life. Amazon

Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

This simple item combines two things everyone loves – pizza and wielding a lightsaber. If you want to cut your pizza with the weapon of a Jedi knight, then this is your chance. Just to be clear, whilst the handle is styled like a lightsaber, the blade is not. The real thing sadly does not exist (yet), but this is a great alternative in the meantime. It’s time to kick back and feast like Jabba the Hutt at his birthday buffet. Amazon

Darth Vader Apron

No kitchen is complete without a quirky apron, and what better quirk to adopt than the body of the galaxy’s most powerful sith lord? Become the icon of darkness as you boil, fry, bake and cook to your heart’s content. Incorporate this with your lightsaber pizza cutter and Vader cheese grater, and you’ll become a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. Amazon

TIE Fighter Gas Grill

This small gas grill can cook all kinds of food, all while brandishing them with the unmistakable Star Wars logo. To top it off, it comes encased in a spectacular TIE Fighter body, finished to the highest (and most awesome) quality. Be honest, who wouldn’t want a TIE Fighter grill? You can even take this outdoors for a barbecue during those hot summer days. Just be on the lookout for rebel pilots as you’re flipping your burgers. Starfire Direct

If you love Star Wars and you love your kitchen, then treating yourself to one (or all) of the above is a no-brainer. Celebrate Star Wars day in style, and may the force be with you!


Chris Price