Is Trackd the app musicians & songwriters have been waiting for?

Recording songs could be about to get much quicker, easier and more collaborative, with the release of music-mixing app Trackd.

Available for iOS on the iTunes store, Trackd aims to simplify the recording process by allowing users to record 8-track songs straight from their iPhone, as well as mix, pan, play, scrub, and delete recordings.

There’s even a built-in metronome to help keep rhythm, and users can attach lyrics to their songs. They can then choose to keep recordings private, or share with their collaborators and the public.

There’s a social element, too – users are encouraged to create an online profile, from which they can share their songs and collaborate with other users from all over the world, adding others’ recordings to their own songs.

As any hardcore Taylor Swift fan will know, a hugely important part of her songwriting process is about recording ideas as soon as they come to her – whether that’s on the road, in the studio, or at home. (Listen to the demo recordings of ‘Blank Space’, ‘I Know Places’ and ‘I Wish You Would’ on the deluxe version of her album 1989 to get an idea of how this works for her – it’s fascinating.)

Anyway, the point is: with its user-friendliness, perhaps this is the kind of app that could become indispensable to musicians like Swift, who like recording on the go.

And the best thing? It’s free to download now.

trackd 2

Sadie Hale