Creating your own home gym

Exercising at home saves you time and money. By investing in home gym equipment, you can save on gym membership fees in the long run, while spending the time you would have spent travelling to the gym doing something worthwhile.

Some people also value the privacy of home gyms, and you are in control of the equipment that you use. You are also not dependent on the choice and condition of equipment in the gym.

Here are some ideas for equipping and furnishing your home gym.

The basic equipment: a barbell and plate set

Though large public gyms are equipped with lots of fancy equipment, it is the tried-and-tested exercise routines using classic equipment that is the most valuable to your physical health.

You can exercise everything from your legs to your shoulders with only a basic barbell and plate set, though adding professional bumper plates will make your exercise routine a lot easier on the floor in case of drops. These basic items of gym equipment are where you should start in your home exercise routine.


Running is terrific for maintaining cardiovascular health, and treadmills are some of the most popular equipment in gyms. Even quality treadmills are affordable, and some versions are small enough to install in more restricted rooms.

A treadmill is a convenient and easy-to-use addition to your home gym, ideal for both walkers and runners. Runners should look for a treadmill with sufficient length, while if you prefer to walk, you could get away with a fairly short and compact treadmill that you can place in a room with limited space.

Cover your windows

Privacy is one of the main benefits of a home gym, but that won’t be the case if your street-level windows are covered with thin curtains. Instead, install full height window shutters or a full solid shaker to shield your exercise efforts from prying eyes.

Window shutters will also keep out bothersome sunshine, which can detract from a good workout in the heat of summer. A comfortable environment for exercising is key to good results, and window shutters can help you to change an ordinary room into a dedicated exercise environment.

Install the right flooring

The surface on which you exercise is important, both for your health and for the ease of keeping it clean. Ideally, rubber mats should cover the floor, keeping the original home surfaces from the wear and tear inherent in exercise routines.

Alternatively, you could opt for plywood covered with a thick carpet, which would similarly protect your flooring while keeping the noise of dropped exercise equipment to a minimum.

Install a bench

Workouts around a bench are popular in a gym, and if you have the space, a bench is a key element of your home gym. You want to install a sturdy bench that is on a stable platform so that it can withstand regular, intensive use.

Though a flat bench would be adequate initially, you might want to consider an adjustable bench to allow you more flexibility in the exercises that you take on.

Get a set of dumbbells

Some of the most effective and most compact sets of exercise equipment are dumbbells. These are excellent for building muscle, with their lower weights making them easy to get on with if you are new to working out – or trying to introduce a family member to exercising.

Adjustable dumbbells are an excellent if pricy option for constrained spaces, while still reaching total weights of up to 25kg – ideal for muscle building.

Use a punch bag

Punch bags are very popular in home gyms, as long as your gym is located in a room that can carry the weight. Invaluable training items for boxers and followers of martial arts, punch bags can be used by anyone looking to achieve a full body workout.

A heavy bag delivers a workout that strengthens your balance while providing cardiovascular benefits and increased muscle strength across your body. As an aerobic exercise, a punch bag is also known to improve mental health.

 Exercise at home – and exercise regularly

One of the biggest benefits of a home gym is the convenience of being able to include exercise in your daily routine whenever you have the time. You are not constricted to gym opening hours and quiet times, or by the time involved in getting to the gym.

Instead, you can simply pick the exercise routines that you want and enjoy them for as long as you have time. This dip-in, dip-out approach is what leads a lot of people to building their ideal home gym.



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