Flying Lessons: The Ultimate Experience of Personal Achievement


So you’ve passed your driving test, now it’s time for flying lessons and to experience a whole new level of personal achievement!

You don’t have to want to be a professional pilot in order to take flying lessons. Many people take lessons to learn how to fly a light aircraft for the sheer fun and the fact that, apart from anything else, learning to fly a plane can be so satisfying.

With lessons available at a whole range of airfields right across the country, it’s also easy and convenient to book a flying lesson near where you are. Here are just some of the other reasons you may want to take flying lessons.

The challenge:

Although flying a plane may not turn out to be as hard as you think, it’s still a challenge. Apart from the technical skills involved, it can be a daunting task to take on mentally. In fact, many trainees specifically take on the challenge of flying a plane to boost their confidence because if you can learn to fly a plane, there’s no limit to what else you can achieve.

An enjoyable experience:

Flying a plane can simply be a very enjoyable experience. A flying lesson experience is one of the closest ways you’ll ever get to feeling like a bird in the sky. As well as the thrill of flying, you can enjoy breathtaking views over your local area as well as other areas you haven’t seen before.

An achievement you can be proud of:

You can say you know how to fly a plane. It’s something other people can’t help but be impressed by whenever you mention it. It’s also a great addition to a CV and shows you have the character, skills and experience that any employer would be glad to hire.

Many different types of aircraft:

Look for a company offering a flying lesson experience and you will find they all offer a large variety of aircrafts to choose from. From gliders and microlights to light aircraft and even flying vintage bi-planes, there is every type of flying experience out there for you to try.

After your first flight, many clubs will offer you a souvenir photograph and certificate. Flying clubs are naturally passionate about everything to do with flying and aircraft. You’ll find they are friendly, welcoming places that wish to share their experience and knowledge with anyone else who is willing to learn.

Whether it’s just for one day or something you’d like to repeat, it’s an experience that you will remember and enjoy for a long time to come.

The first lesson:

When you decide to contact a company that offers flying lessons, you will first have a trial lesson. It will confirm whether flying lessons are for you or not.

The first lesson will involve your flying instructor taking you around the outside of the aircraft as well as showing the inside. You will learn how the aircraft works and how the pilot controls the plane. It’s a fascinating insight and learning experience that in itself is something you’re sure to enjoy.

Chris Price