YouTube influencers star in 360 degree shot at National Portrait Gallery

YouTubers vloggers.png
In 300 years time will cultural influencers be gathered around a bank of screens showing the videos of Caspar Lee and Tanya Burr? Only time will tell

In what’s been billed as a kind of clash between eighteenth century cultural trailblazers and today’s vlogging influencers, seventeen of YouTube’s biggest stars gathered for a unique 360 degree shot at the National Portrait Gallery.

Some of the biggest vlogging stars, including Caspar Lee, Tanya Burr, Colin Furze, Kaushal Beauty and Suli Breaks featured alongside figures from the golden age of enlightenment including actors, composers and writers such as George Frideric Handel, Sarah Siddons and Samuel Johnson.

And while there is some debate about whether this crop of vloggers will be remembered in 300 years time, there is certainly  no denying the current cultural influence of today’s YouTube stars. Those in the room combined total of over 48 million subscribers, making them some of the most influential people in Britain.

Research by the Radio Times earlier this year highlighted that online vlogging stars were just as relatable, if not more so, than traditional famous faces, further cementing vloggers as the new wave of celebrities.

Award-winning digital storyteller Jim Fiscus, who has worked with some of the most famous personalities of the 21st century, led the photoshoot, which produced this unique ‘photosphere’ 360 image.

Fiscus is best know for producing striking, cinematic images for shows such as Homeland, Dexter, Penny Dreadful, as well as Downton Abbey and Coronation Street.

You can View the full live 360 image below.


Chris Price