10 Ways to make your Instagram photos more awesome on your iPhone: Layout, Aviary & VSCO

Gone are the days of editing your Instagram photos into vintage, super contrast-y blurs. There are a whole new range of tools at your disposable to make the most of borders, enhance photos based on what your subject is or even fade out colours rather than pumping them up. Here are ten of our favourite ways to make Instagram photos more awesome.

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1. Use VSCO to fade out your photos. Subtler than adding a filter and classier somehow as well.



2. Use an app like Layout to play around with the, well, layout (!)



3. Tell Aviary what your photo is of and it’ll enhance it accordingly. Magic!



4. Use Diptic to turn your photos into teeny little square-shaped collages.



5. Or just use Picframe for simple white borders and a range of different shapes.

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Becca Caddy