10 Ways to make your Instagram photos more awesome


If you feel that your snaps of cakes and cats just don’t look as good as they used to, try following some of our simple tips to make your Instagram photos a little bit more awesome.

When we all first started using Instagram last year, like crazed, filter-obsessed zombies, uploading photos of trees and tea and cats before choosing a simple effect with a cheesy border was totally acceptable. However, over the past few months we’ve all started taking our Instagram activity a little more seriously, whether it’s making basic edits before uploading, adding filters from another app or combining lots of photos into one messy collage. We’re onto you all.

So to help you out, here are our top ten tips to make your Instagram photos look even better, whether it’s a basic photography lesson or apps to enhance the way your photos look before you go on to share them with your followers.

Becca Caddy


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