Parents slam video sharing sites for inappropriate content

Half of parents in the UK have criticised video sharing platforms, including Snapchat and Youtube, for failing to prevent children from accessing distressing, violent or adult-only content.  A survey of 1,500 UK parents, conducted by AgeChecked, found that 58% of parents believe that video sharing sites and apps aren’t doing enough to keep young people safe.…

Following strangers on Instagram can depress you, says study

Following celebrities on Instagram can have negative psychological effects, as found by research published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. As Clapway reports, the peer-reviewed study, published in the journal's May edition, found that "there is growing evidence that following strangers on [social networks] and comparing oneself to others have important implications for well-being." It…
Favourite food, fashion and beauty Instagrammers

15 of our favourite beauty, fashion and food accounts to follow on Instagram

Sometimes you need inspiration, sometimes you need hot tips – and sometimes you just want to gaze at impossibly beautiful photographs of sunsets, lipsticks, full skirts and flat whites while you’re standing in someone’s armpit on the bus. So we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion, beauty and food Instagrammers to give your feed a spring boost. Flex that scrolling thumb and enjoy.