10 Essential apps for travel and holidays: Airbnb, Localeur, Yelp

Going on holiday or away for extended travel is stressful enough at the best of times, so we’ve collected together our top apps for booking flights, finding accommodation on the move and figuring out the best places to eat wherever you are on the planet.

1. Best for accommodation: Airbnb
Airbnb has revolutionised the way we hunt for accommodation – especially on-the-move as you’re travelling from one destination to the next. That means you’ll need the app installed before you set off to ensure you can always check out the best deals and the most unusual apartments wherever you are.

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2. Best for ratings and reviews: TripAdvisor

There are more than 225 million reviews on TripAdvisor – and that number grows at a crazy rate each and every day! It’s the best spot online for getting a well-rounded view of hotels, restaurants and resorts, just don’t take everyone’s ranting too seriously.

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3. Best for discovering news sights, restaurants and exhibitions: Localeur

Localeur is a little like TripAdvisor, but it’s designed to collect together attractions, hotels and restaurants that are a little off the beaten track and only frequented by the locals – hence the name!

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4. Best for sending postcards (yes, postcards): Postagram

If you’re still a big fan of sending postcards on your travels, then Postagram makes the whole process easier than ever. You pick which of your own photos you want on the postcard and the app will arrange when they’re sent to your friends and family around the world.

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5. Best for translation: Google Translate

Google Translate is able to translate 90 different languages, allowing you to translate with either your voice, camera, keyboard or handwriting. It’ll translate whatever you type in and serve it up on the screen – or say it out loud if you need to hear it or point it at someone else!


Becca Caddy