Top picks for summer: colourful, functional cycling clothing (part 1/2)

6. Fat Lass at the Back reflective cycling jersey, £59.99

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This beautiful jersey is pure rainbow cycling joy. Made from comfortable stretchy fabric, with a zip at the front and a handy pocket at the back as well as short sleeves, it’s eye-catching, glamorous and perfect for cycling in the hot weather.

The reflective material is brilliant and is an added bonus for night-time cycling. As the website explains, “the Bobby Dazzler jersey has patented Pixel 300 fabric reflective sleeves. The Pixel 300 fabric reflects light directly back to it’s source, so in car headlights you’ll light up like a Christmas tree.” Sounds good to me.

As the name suggests, this fabulous young company makes its products with the average Brit in mind – so move over, mamils!

Fat Lass at the Back Bobby Dazzler Reflective Sleeve Jersey is available to buy at

7. Muddyfox capri ladies cycling tights, £27.99


Made from a comfortable, sleek fabric, these tights by affordable brand Muddyfox are an important item in any cyclist’s closet. They feature a padded seat, elasticated waist, and zipped back pocket for a phone or iPod. Easy to slip on and off on the way to and from work, they’re very striking and I love the contrasting colours.

Muddyfox ladies cycling tights are available at

8. Adidas Supernova Climachill jersey, £55


Designed especially with the regular cyclist in mind (and without the price tag of the professional), this range of summer jerseys suitably bright for the warmer months.

Made with climachill™ fabric that has a cooling effect on hot days by conducting heat away from the body, it has three pockets on the back, a full zip and a supportive, women-specific fit designed to contour the body.

Adidas Supernova Climachill jersey is available at

9. Superfeet Berry insoles for cycling, £40


You may not realise it, but your way of cycling could be wreaking havoc with your knees. If you’ve ever had sore knees after a long ride and wondered why, it’s probably because you’re cycling with your feet facing forward – especially if your feet are clipped onto the pedals.

Superfeet is a company which creates insoles specifically for busy people who are on their feet a lot, and can help solve the issue of sore knees when cycling.

“Most of us walk a little abducted – like a less extreme version of Charlie Chaplain,” Superfeet explains. “So when we go cycling we put forces throughout knees in a position they are not used to.

“Superfeet helps with this because it helps align the leg from the rear foot, which is directly linked to the knee. One test Superfeet did showed us a 38% improvement with one cyclist, which is an enormous difference.”

Indeed, though I don’t generally suffer from sore knees, I found that placing Superfeet into my shoes made cycling a lot more comfortable, especially in the shoes with thin soles. The Superfeet collection can certainly make standing up all day feel a lot more manageable.

Superfeet Berry are available to buy at

And if you’re feeling rich …

10. MEAME Altair biker jacket, £325


The Altair jacket is the ultimate in stylish cycling attire. Although undoubtedly on the pricier side, it’s a lovely fusion of fashion and functionality – fully waterproof, it also has detachable sleeves, perfect for warmer summer days.

A small but significant detail which I love is the subtle yet effective reflective symbols, ensuring additional safety at night.


MEAME Altair biker jacket is available now at

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