Can ‘Cigbreak’ app help people quit smoking

Here’s a novel mobile phone game. Aimed at smokers wanting to quit the habit, it’s called Cigbreak and has been created by Hope Caton, writer of the global hit video game TombRaider IV: The Last Revelation, together with business partner Robin Bell (pictured above).

Developed with the support of Camden-based IT firm Maldaba Ltd, Cigbreak replicates the ‘Fruit Ninja’ game by getting players to break cigarettes in order to gain game rewards.

Hope commented: “Cigbreak is the UK’s first smoking cessation app in the form of a game. It was co-created with a medical team and was tested on smokers throughout development. The result is a game that is fun for smokers to play, while reinforcing their motivation to quit smoking.”

A Canadian study proved that if smokers play a game that involves breaking or crushing cigarettes, they are 13% more likely to quit. In Cigbreak, the player swipes the phone screen to break cigarettes.

Research also indicates that 52% of video game players smoke while 37% of non-video game players smoke. Games form the largest market share of apps comprising 33% of all downloads.

The app is available to download on Apple ITunes and Google Play. For more details visit

Cigbreak is currently seeking smokers to participate in a small study by Kingston University. Contact [email protected] for more details

Chris Price