How our morning habits reveal where we’re from

A cross-European study has found that our morning habits correspond strongly to which part of the world we’re from.

The study was commissioned by consumer electronics brand Pure, and analysed the early-hours habits of those living in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Norway and Denmark. Respondents were asked what their favourite part of their morning routine was, whether that was listening to music, working out, the journey to work or eating breakfast.

According to the results, which drew on the behaviour patterns of approximately 2,000 people between the ages of 25-35, Brits are fuelled mostly by listening to music – with 73% of UK respondents choosing ‘listening to music’ as their preferred activity.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Germany had the highest percentage of respondents (28%) claiming to be in the office by 7am. Meanwhile, Italians were last into work, with a majority of respondents saying they start work after 9:30am.

It’s the Danish who seem most in need of power-naps, with over half of respondents (51.6%) claiming to take a nap at least twice a day. Conversely, their Scandinavian neighbours mostly avoid naps, with 66.3% of Norwegian respondents never napping at all. Brits also choose not to break their day with some shut-eye, with 59.6% of respondents opting never to nap.

The study also looked at the types of music people listen to when they wake up. As you might imagine, jazz and RnB are universally difficult for people to listen to, while pop was the most popular choice in all countries surveyed except Norway, whose respondents prefer rock music.

“As a global audio brand, we’re always interested to find out about how people use music in their daily routines,” says Nick Hucker, senior director of global marketing at Pure. “This reveals some really interesting similarities and differences across Europe.”

Main image via Loren Kerns at Flickr Creative Commons

Sadie Hale