Top 6 tips that will take your drone photography to next level

Drones have changed the world of photography by opening up new shooting possibilities. However, owning a drone does not automatically translate into impressive imagery. To be able to achieve this, you have to learn some photographic skills as well as apply sound judgment when taking images. Below are some pointers that can help you improve your drone photography.  Look out for discounts and offers from Bydiscountcodes and save money before making a purchase.

Shoot RAW

The best way to shoot is by using the RAW format. Shooting RAW allows you to make corrections to any aspect of the photograph. The camera resolution is 12MP and compressing it into JPG will make you lose a lot of data. Therefore, if you want to take your drone photography to the next level, forget about JPG and use RAW. 


The most amazing shots you see are achieved through bracketing. Bracketing is the act of underexposing or over exposing your images in order to ensure that you capture the highlights and shadows.

For instance, when taking images in direct sunlight, you can adjust the recommended exposure to trick your camera into believing that it is brighter than it is actually is. With bracketing, photographers are able to choose the best exposure for perfect results. After taking the shots, you can then work on the highlights and shadows if necessary. 


Lighting is one of the features that make a photograph stand out. If you get the lighting wrong, then your images will be just normal and uninteresting to the viewer. There is no definition of what good lighting should be; you just have to observe, practise and analyse the influence of lighting on the final image. 

Drone mechanics 

Understanding and practising a few technical things on your drone can help improve your photography. To start with, you must always calibrate your drone when you change locations.

This is in order to ensure that the drone does not behave abnormally. After calibration, ensure that you check the indexes. Lastly, make sure that you download your data immediately after the flight. 

Don’t fly too high

A common mistake that most drone photographers make is flying as high as they can and then taking images. Flying high doesn’t help because most drone cameras do not produce very detailed photos. This is because they come with a small sensor and wide angled lens. Therefore, you have to be close enough when shooting if you want to produce detailed images. 

Plan ahead

Planning ahead helps you to achieve excellent results while keeping your cost low. If you are doing this professionally, low production costs boost your profit. When planning, consider location, weather, angles, lighting and privacy concerns. You can download mobile apps on your phone to check weather forecasts and explore the location before you get there. 

Drone photography is an exciting venture. Drones make photography fun and are quite easy to operate. In addition, with drones, you have no limitation on your location. Indeed, your only limitation are your skills, imagination and creativity. Therefore, to take your drone photography to the next level, keep on building your skills and be creative when taking images. 


Chris Price