International Women’s Day 2022: 10 Stunning Photos taken by Women

International Women’s Day: dusk falls on the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, captured by Eva Janku

CEWE marks International Women’s Day with 10 photographs taken by women which were submitted in last year’s competition…

The competition aims to celebrate the best in photography across the globe. It is open to everyone – from keen amateur photographers to established professionals.

Entrants were asked to submit photos that celebrated the competition’s ‘Our World is Beautiful’ theme. There were 10 categories for budding photographers to enter – from aerial shots and animals to landscapes, travel and culture. A photo has been shared by a female photographer from each category.

In spring this year, the CEWE Photo Award will be returning for a 5th year with photographers across the globe once again able to submit entries across 10 categories highlighting the true beauty of the world around us.

Says a photo expert at CEWE UK:

“We’re so pleased to be releasing a set of stunning images captured by talented female photographers across the globe to celebrate International Women’s Day. The photos showcase a range of perspectives and truly capture the theme of the competition – celebrating that the world we live in is absolutely beautiful.

“We’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s entries to the CEWE Photo Award and feel particularly passionate about sharing wonderful photography from women around the world, not just today, but always. We are looking forward to seeing more amazing entries when the competition opens for this year.”

People category: A woman in traditional celebration festival attire admires her reflection in a mirror as the sun sets in Venice, by Mia Feres

Landscapes category: perfectly formed trees stand in a row in the bright yellow fields in Poland, captured by Dominika Koszowska

Animal category: a curious pup takes a closer look at a purple flower on its daily walk through the park in Austria, photographed by Corinna Kobliska

Architecture category: dusk falls on the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, captured by Eva Janku

Aerial category: a group of girls show they’re perfectly in sync whilst on vacation in Supetar, Croatia, photographed by Ivana Vukoja

Nature category: early morning dew graces a plant as the light of day shines through, by Viktoria Smid in Hungary

Travel and culture category: three young children walk along a uniquely structured building in Myanmar, photographed by Laura Menesini

Sport category: a cyclist makes their way round a bend in the mountains, captured by Alice Das Neves in Chur, Switzerland

Food and cooking category: a selection of jam shortbread biscuits are ready to make the perfect afternoon snack, by Laura Amos in Heilbronn, Germany

Hobby and leisure category: in Krakow, a young girl dances with a pony in this magical fairytale-esque shot by Laura Domagata

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Chris Price