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iPhone 6 rumour round-up: two models, a HUGE screen and sapphire glass

There aren't many events in a tech-lover's calendar as exciting as a new iPhone launch, which means rumours about what the iPhone 6 will look like, what it'll be made of and what features it'll be packing have been...more


Kittyo: Play with your cat when you're not at home

You know how everyone moans about technology breaking down relationships and stopping us communicating with one another? Well it's here to destroy that loving bond between a cat and its owner too. Enter Kittyo, it's a device and app...more

Health & Sport

Will the Casper mattress change the way we sleep for good?

Over the past few weeks, I've been using activity trackers to monitor how well I sleep and the results have been pretty eye-opening with many of the devices serving up suggestions about how I could get more deep sleep...more

Health & Sport

WellBiome believes analysing stool samples is the key to a healthy lifestyle

WellBiome is a startup that analyses the DNA inside your tummy in order to provide you with all kinds of personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations. Based on the premise that advice about health and nutrition is far too general, the...more

Health & Sport

Nike might help Apple with its new iWatch after ditching the FuelBand

Late last week details emerged that Nike had laid off a large percentage of the team behind the FuelBand activity tracker and won't be continuing in its pursuit of the ultimate wearable for the time being. This has left...more


The LG G watch will be water resistant and never switch off

LG has released more details about its upcoming G watch over on a new, slick website dedicated to the Android Wear-powered smartwatch. There are some shots of Android Wear in action, which aren't a surprise given we've heard a...more


Project Ara: All you need to know about Google's phone for the future

Last October Google announced that a dedicated team had started working on an exciting modular and fully-customisable smartphone that could well change the way we look at the mobile phone industry for good. Code-named Project Ara, the smartphone will...more


Google Camera app for Android KitKat has a cool Lens Blur feature

Google's new camera app for Android devices running on the Kit Kat operating system, which is unsurprisingly called Google Camera, is available today. According to a post on Google's Research Blog, the best thing about the new app is...more

Top Stories

Top 10 apps for the perfect selfie: Facetune, More Beaute, CameraBag

As self-obsessed, vain and narcissistic millennials we have no excuses when it comes to producing sub-standard selfies. Gone are the days of holding up a blurry camera phone and giving it your best cheesy grin, there are all kinds...more


5 Google Glass alternatives: GlassUp, LaForge Acis, WeOn Glasses

For one day only this week anyone (well, anyone in the US with cash to burn) could get their hands on a pair of Google Glass. However, with such a small window to buy them, a large price tag...more


Apple to add "kill switch" to iPhones from July 2015

Apple has entered into a voluntary agreement that means it may add a new anti-theft "kill switch" to its iPhones from next year, meaning if anyone steals your handset you can wipe everything off it unless it's returned later....more

Health & Sport

This insole could make you a much better athlete

The OpenGo Science is a super-thin insole that slips unnoticed into the shoes of athletes, monitoring the way they use their feet and serving up rich data about how they workout. Developed by German-based Moticon, this smart insole is...more


Fantastic London commuting pics - doesn't the city look pretty?

Ever taken a snap from the train or the bus on the way home? Well London commuter pj2014 aka Paul Jarman has been doing it pretty much every night with some stunning results. It is fair to say that...more


Loop is a modular, smart TV tailored to you and your home

We've heard plenty about modular phones, like Google's Project Ara, but what about modular TVs? The world of the smart TV is changing so quickly that Loop decided to create a system to enable users to easily upgrade and customise...more


Can we take Imogen Heap and her magical, musical Mi.Mu gloves seriously?

Back in 2012, musician Imogen Heap dressed up like something from Star Trek and showed a magical glove to the world at a number of different events hosted by TED and Wired, which allowed her to make music using...more

Top Stories

Jawbone Up24 Review: Stylish, comfortable and wireless activity tracking

So what's a Jawbone Up 24? Jawbone is a company that creates all kinds of cool tech products. Earlier in the week, we wrote about its new bluetooth headset, the Era, and chances are you'll recognise its colourful little...more


Samsung unveils Galaxy Ace Style, a budget phone for social teens

This week Samsung launched a low-end handset called the Galaxy Ace Style. The curvy, affordable device is designed for young social media addicts and looks set to compete directly with Motorola's Moto G. Powered by Google's Android 4.4 KitKat,...more


This mirror is designed to take the perfect selfie

It's hard to escape the word "selfie" at the moment now everyone from Barack Obama to your gran are taking them, but now iStrategy Labs want to turn the selfie into more of a tech-powered art and less of...more

Health & Sport

Misfit Shine steps up its wearable game, launches new colours

One of the best-looking wearables on the market, the Misfit Shine, has just had a revamp and no longer comes solely in grey, but also in beige and turquoise - shades that the company have exotically named "champagne" and...more


Facebook ads are about to get bigger (and more annoying)

Many of us may have stopped noticing, but if you're accessing Facebook via the web then down the right-hand side of your News Feed there's a column serving up ads about anything from weddings to shoes to bingo, depending on...more

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