Shiny at IFA: The story so far

Right at this moment, we’re probably lost somewhere in the enormous exhibition halls that make up IFA in Berlin. However, good news! We’ve already brought you some of the best of the announcements, products and bizarre and ill-translated signage. Here’s a round-up. We’ll keep adding the stories to the top, so keep checking back for a glimpse into what’s to come from the world of consumer electronics and ill-translated signage.

Dan gets dwarfed by a pair of massive speakers from Swan here
Zara took a look at a multi-tasking digital photo frame here
Zara checked out a device that’s a cross between digital photo frames and cameras here
Zara gets moderately impressed with two Samsung MP3 players here
Duncan discovered the Chuck Norris of cameras – the Rollei X-8 Sports here
Zara got to grips with two new Everio camcorders from JVC here
Dan got really excited by the Fortune Sound Base G1 here
Zara found a pair of eco-friendly headphones from Skullcandy here
Toshiba and Optoma are due to release DLP Pico-Projectors here
Zara got hands-on with Samsung’s super light X360 laptop here
Harman-Kardon announced their all-in-one audio system here
Harman-Kardon have produced a lovely set of cut glass speakers here
Gary showed off Philips new 42-inch flat TV here
Susi looked at Sony’s uber slim ‘Pocky’ speakers here

More rounding-up after the jump…

Susi discovered Gear4’s new iPod transmitters here
Creative announced three GigaWorks speaker systems here
Susi looked at Cowan’s new touchscreen PMPs here
Gary had a look at The LightFrame LCD PC monitor from Philips here
Dan brought us Medion’s Mini E1211 netbook here
Susi showcased the full line of Epson projectors here
Susi discovered another home projector from Epson here
Susi checked out two of Epson’s gaming projectors here
Zara has a gander at the three latest sat navs from TomTom here
Zara took a look at LG’s attempt to enter the UMPC market here
Gary produced a lovely Medion gallery showcasing their latest products here
Sharp pulled another slim LCD TV out the bag here
Sharp announced the super thin Aquos XS1 LCD here
Logitech announced the newly revamped Squeezebox here
Susi checked out Toshiba’s ‘near HD’ Regza ZF TV here
Dan got rather giddy at the sight of iRobot’s automated vacuum cleaners here
Susi had a quick look at the miniature home cinema from Philips here
Philips grasped the Essence of minimalism in television here
Susi had a look at the LCD TV from Philips that’ll keep your blacks black here
Gary got a snapshot of the Sony Cyber-shot T500 here
Check out the fantastically thin LCD TV from Sony discovered by Susi here
Susi looked at the latest Sony Walkman flagship range, the S Series here
Trekstor launched three new MP3 players here
Susi checked out the latest additions to the Griffin iPod range here
Susi took a look at the latest media streamer from Compositor here

Susi Weaser