Shiny at IFA 2008: Epson's EH-DM2 lets you project 'n' go


Home projectors are often seen as only an option for those who refer to their home as a ‘crib’. But what if there was one for less than the cost of a kidney? Awesome, no? The DM2 isn’t designed to replace your TV, but it’s an option for when you want the cinema experience, but can’t be bothered to have a shower and face the outside world.

The projector includes an in-built DVD player. You just stick the DVD in, set it up to project on a wall and let the inbuilt speakers deal with the sound. There’s just one power plug needed, so no need to set up.

There’s also a USB port, so you can watch a slide show of your photos or play music, as MP33, AAC or WMA files. It will also playback DivX.

Epson have visions of this being taken away on holiday, hence the carry case and handle, and whilst the idea of watching Moulin Rouge against a tent when camping appeals, practically speaking you’re more likely move it between bedroom to living room and not far beyond.

Still, for 399 euros, home cinema is at last beginning to look appealing.

Susi Weaser