Shiny at IFA 2008:Epson's TW420 projects gaming heaven

A PS3 is a PS3 is a PS3, so how exactly do you one-up-man your best mate in the console wars? Add a home projector, of course. Suddenly, Wii tennis becomes more Wimbledon than ever before, and Manhunt becomes downright terrifying.

The colours on this projector in gaming mode and designed to be punchy and bright, as opposed to focusing on getting the natural skin tones of Mario and friends (he always did look a little pale). There’s an HDMI input, and it projects in 720p, and there are in-built speakers to minimise the wires for you to trip over. There’s also an SD card slot, for simple slideshow functionality and music playback.

It’ll cost £649 when it launches in September.

Susi Weaser