Shiny at IFA 2008: Sony Walkman S Series to allow playback of iPlayer programmes


Most of the Sony Walkman series was leaked last week, but it seems we may have missed a trick. Their flagship range, the S series, actually does some pretty cool stuff.

At just 7.5 mm thick, it’s thin. Really, really thin. But luckily, there’s more. There’s also a 2-inch LCD screen, which will come I handy for watching the BBC iPlayer stuff it allows you to download. This has previously been protected from playback (you can stream it on the iPod Touch) so this is some pretty unique stuff.

If you’re feeling solemn, this is the player for you. It categorises your music by speed, mood and rhythm, so you can pick the music to cheer you up, or the perfect stuff to mope to, emo style. Just pick the settings and it will create you a playlist.

And, as we previously heard, you can manage your music in iTunes, which should make giving up your iPod slightly easier.

Sony Press Release

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Susi Weaser