Shiny at IFA 2008: Philips Essence keeps it minimalist

The buzzwords are back, and this time it’s ‘essence’. Philips has taken the essence of a TV with their new range, and delivered a ‘TV solution’ which keeps things clean and simple.

Since 40% of people who would like to mount their TV don’t, they’ve made the process dead simple. Once you’ve mounted the included wall bracket, you can level the TV the same way you would a picture, since the TV moves on the mount. At 16.5 kilos, even I should be able to lift it.

From the TV you’ll find just one cable, which will feed into your Connectivity Hub. Within that, there’s the power, TV processing gubbins and a digital tuner. In addition, a Philips Sound Bar is bundled, so you can choose to have cinema sound set underneath your TV. The Sound Bar promises surround sound, without having to position a load of speakers around your room. Minimalism rules here.

The Essence is currently only available at 42″, which will set you back 2,500 euros.

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Susi Weaser