Shiny at IFA 2008: Samsung gets emotional with the U4 and the Q1 MP3 players


The latest players on offer from Samsung are based around the concept of `Imagining Freedom from Monotony`. Right. With that rather uninspiring title aside there’s two models that aren’t half bad There’s the YP-U4 Litmus, a sleek looking player that’s available in three fashion friendly colours, blue, purple and red. It weighs in at 27.5g and offers you a battery life of 16 hours.


It’s available in 2GB and 4GB options, and it uses an OLED display. You get a 1 inch screen to view your tracks on and it has a user friendly rounded body. Apparently the litmus like colour gradient reflects the emotional design factor’. Huh.

Next up there’s the YP-Q1, also known as the Diamond, due to its control menu. It offers updated DNSe 3.0 for better audio quality and includes an audio upscale function. It can also analyse the musical genre and apply bass and effects accordingly. You get a 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen and you can dim the display to ‘awake the user’s emotional feelings’. It comes in black, white and silver, with 4,8, or 16GB.

They look like pretty decent budget players but I don’t understand why there’s such an emphasis on the emotional side of things. Surely you either enjoy music or you don’t, and a tactile device won’t suddenly evoke feelings of joy or sadness.

The YP-U4 will be available in August, and YP-Q1 will be released in October. Prices should be revealed soon as well.


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Zara Rabinowicz


  • Q1’s touch pad LED looks like diamond.
    Q1 is supporting as many as format ; mp3/wma/ogg/flac/jpg/bmp/gif/png/txt and etc.
    It seems samsung tried to make a all-in-one player.
    I feel make a try DNSe3.0 new sound effect when it is possible.

  • Is YP-Q1 called “Diamond”? umm.. touch pad LED looks diamond. It looks good that Q1 is supporting as many as formats; mp3/wma/ogg/flac/jpg/bmp/gif/png/txt..
    It seems like Samsung tried to make a all-in-one player. I feel hava a chance to try upgraded DNSe3.0 sound effect when it is posible.

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