Shiny at IFA 2008: Harman-Kardon releases crystal skull-esque GLA-55 loudspeakers


If these speakers from Harman-Kardon were released around the same time as the latest Indiana Jones movie (you know the one with the crystal skulls), it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume they were some kind of unsubtle movie promotion to get our asses in those cinema seats.

Ok, Indiana Jones stuff aside, these strangely unique, but gorgeous looking speakers are built in cut glass and look as if they’ll fit rather fetchingly into any personal décor. Duncan over at Tech Digest disagrees with me wholeheartedly on this one, but he can say whatever he likes over there, and I can say what I like over here.

They’ve got a 3.5mm mini-jack connection to pump out tunage from your PC or MP3 player. And with 56 watts of pure sound, those tunes should pump out in a way that’ll satisfy your inner audiophile. If they take your fancy and you now want a set of your very own, they’ll be available some time in the autumn, for a price unknown to us.

It’s turning into a full on ugly vs pretty debate over in Shiny Towers. I’m all for the pretty side (I love these speakers), while Duncan over at Tech Digest is anti-GLA-55. The score currently stands at 2-1 to me (haha Duncan and thanks random commenter on TD). Join the debate. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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[via Tech Digest]

Lucy Hedges