Shiny at IFA 2008: Texas Instruments DLP paves the way for projecting goodies


The aim of DLP Pico-Projectors is to allow you to display content any time, anywhere – without the hustle and bustle of carting around something weighty. And as Texas Instruments DLP moves into the consumer market, they bring a whole lot of projecting goodies with them. Both Toshiba and Optoma will be releasing miniature projectors in 2009 that encompass the DLP Pico chipset to display composite video from a range of handheld and mobile devices. Most impressive of all, both projectors will produce a display much much bigger than their tiny frames.

Because the projectors use LED illumination, rather than being lamp based, this means they’re instantly good to go once switched on and require no maintenance usually associated with lamp based projectors.

Optoma’s effort has a rather bland design when compared to the stylish design from Toshiba. But what they both share in common is they’re both apparently smaller than most smart phones and will fit in the palm of your hands (unless you have freakishly small hands). Both sound like the ideal companion for the ultra mobile consumer. Keep an eye out for their arrival and price next year.

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Lucy Hedges