Show how much you loathe radio with the iLuv FM transmitter

iLuv_fm_transmitter.JPGDrivers fed up of listening to the same recycled dribble on the radio while cruising will love this nifty little device. Why? Because you get to make the radio your little puppet, by making it play whatever you want it to play, that’s why. This basically means playing songs from your ipod through your radio. As far as I know, the technology to voice random demands to your FM transmitter hasn’t been invented yet.

Fitting conveniently into your cigarette lighter, the iLuv will transmit your tunage to any available frequency between 88.1 MHz and 107.9 Mhz. Just tune your car stereo to the same frequency and let the driving and head bouncing begin. Don’t fret about a low battery either. As long as it’s sitting in your cigarette lighter, it’ll regain any lost juice.

£29.99 from IWOOT

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Lucy Hedges