Shiny at IFA 2008: Transcend's 720 Digital Photo Frame is great at multi-tasking 720 calender.jpg

Another digital photo frame is soon to hit the stands, and this time it does more than simply show digital pictures. As well as displaying images on its high resolution 7 inch TFT screen it also doubles as a clock, a radio a calendar, an MP3 player and an alarm. That’s a lot of features on a small package, and we’re not finished yet. The uses NaturaTone intelligent skin color enhancement to create natural looking images, and the screen uses an AOS (Automatic Orientation sensor) to adjust landscape and portrait images.

They’ve included a MobileCard slot so you can pop in M2 and microSD cards for easy uploading and there’s also a USB port.

No info on price or release date in the UK as yet.


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Zara Rabinowicz


  • Actually, this is quite close to what I’ve been looking for. I want an alarm clock that can wake me up with radio or MP3, that dosn’t look like it was designed using MS paint 1.0 or something. The only ones I’ve seen have been for over 100 euro. I find that a bit steep as they where ugly and could only play 2-3 songs. We can make MP3 players from 1 Gb, 30 euro and up, but we can’t make an alarmclock with and MP3 function unless it’s 10 mb and cost 100 euro???

  • The phrase jack of all trades master of none springs to mind. Is everyone else getting bored yet of gadgets that try to do everything? Why not just do one thing really well?

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