Shiny Shiny's Christmas gift guides: Gadgets, apps & shiny accessories!

christmas-cats.jpgIt’s edging closer to the big day at a scarily fast pace, so why not have a calm and prepared Christmas this year rather than charging around on the 24th, shoulder barging pensioners in an attempt to get something really rubbish for that relative you forgot you had.

Whether you’re looking to buy a tablet computer, a singing polar bear or a festive sex toy we’re here to help with the very best of what the crazy world of technology, cute gadgets and mobile apps has to offer. Even if you don’t have a clue what to get anyone quite yet we’ll be pulling together lists for loved ones, geeky ones and annoying ones to give you some inspiration too.

Every time we write up a new gift guide we’ll be adding it to the list below, so you don’t have to go searching here, there and everywhere for what you need either.

If you’d like us to review a certain product, pull together a specific kind of gallery or write up a buying guide about how to choose the best kind of product, then let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us on Twitter @ShinyShiny.

1. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 8 Pantone pressies for design geeks

Although Pantone’s proprietary colour matching system is just a way to make identifying certain shades easier for designers, there are lots of lovely rainbow bright Pantone products available for your desk, bathroom and even your Christmas tree.

Our favourite product: The cushioned foldaway Pantone chairs.

2. CHRISTMAS APP GUIDE: 6 Apps and services for finding the right present

There are a number of apps and services that have been specially created to take the stress out of present buying. Some are great for suggestions, others are all about joining together and finding the right present, but hopefully one will work for you so you’re not tearing your hair out on Christmas Eve.

Our favourite app: No More Socks for super organised Christmas shopping.

3. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 6 Silly animal speakers for your iPhone and iPod

We’ve ditched the high-end, regular speakers and have collected together a list of our favourite animal speakers, including dancing cats, little koala bears and of course some angry birds. Some dance, some sway, some sing and some are just cute present ideas for kids and adults with a sense of humour.

Our favourite speaker: The Kuchi-Paku penguin.

4. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Quirky, sparkly and colourful lights for your home

In a bid to give you a few more serious and grown-up gift ideas for the home, we’ve collected together ten quirky, sparkly and colourful lights that are exciting enough to be wrapped up under the tree, but are a little more grown up than singing, dancing speakers.

Our favourite light: These Fairy Jars from Red5.

5. CHRISTMAS APP GUIDE: 10 Christmas apps for kids for the iPhone and iPad

We know, we know, it really does seem a little early to be filling your phones with cheesy, singing Christmas apps. But, as soon as kids realise there’s less than ten weeks until Christmas day, that’s usually all they can talk about. So, to make the wait less agonising, here are 10 fun Christmas apps for kids for your iPhone or iPad.

Our favourite app: The Night Before Christmas animated story app.

6. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 15 Kitchen accessories for geeks

If you know someone who prefers to keep their inner geek hidden away at work, then make sure their kitchen is filled with all kinds of geeky treasures, like a singing egg timer, onion goggles, pac-man oven gloves and Star Wars chopsticks.

Our favourite geeky kitchen gift: The YumBots robot cupcake moulds.

7. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Gadgets to keep you warm and toasty

You no longer have to depend on thousands of layers and a pretty unflattering (and frankly quite ridiculous) trapper hat to keep warm in the winter months. There are plenty of gadgets and cuddly little inventions to keep frosty toes, fingers and bodies toasty that would make ideal gifts this Christmas.

Our favourite snuggly gadget: It has to be the microwavable little Cat Hottie.

8. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Top 7 high-end, designer leather iPhone 4 cases

Don’t think that mobile phone cases are cheap and rubbish Christmas presents. This collection of our favourite designer and high-end iPhone 4 cases proves that tech accessories can be fancy, stylish and unfortunately quite pricey too.

Our favourite fancy iPhone case: It’s really hard to choose, but we’d have to go with the Capulet Emma iPhone Wristlet.

9. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 20 Gadgets, accessories & games for fitness fanatics

Every week we come across all kinds of weird and wonderful health and fitness gadgets, from Jawbone’s UP bracelet which tracks everything you do, to the ear lighting system Valkee, which stops you getting down in the winter months.

We’d argue that nothing can beat a pair of good trainers and the open road, but fitness gadgets, accessories and games can make brilliant (and super thoughtful) gifts, whether it’ll help a loved one feel more motivated, give them a way to track their work outs or just equip them with a fancy new gadget to accompany their run.

10. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Luxury gadgets & accessories for girls

For most of us Christmas shopping isn’t just stressful because we have to carry lots of bags around, wrap everything up and then transport it across the country before the festivities begin. It’s just so damn expensive. If we don’t spend crazy amounts on loved ones we feel like we’re just not good people and the list of those we’re expected to buy for gets longer every year (can everyone just stop having babies already!?).

However, if money is no object to you, you’ve made peace with the fact you’ll be paying your credit card off for the next 40 years or you’re just looking to really spoil that special someone, then we’ve collected together a list of ten luxury (and obviously expensive) tech products that are all rather sparkly and / or gold to bump up that price tag.

11. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: The best Android tablets for every taste & budget

If you’re buying a present for a die-hard Apple fan then you may find that nothing could ever compete with their beloved iPad, but there’s a lot of choice from a range of different manufacturers that it’s really worth shopping around to find something that may be more suited to their needs and your bank balance.

We’ve divided up some of the most popular Android tablets of the moment based on who you’re buying for this Christmas and the kind of price you’re hoping to spend. Make sure you scroll through to the last page to see our three favourite all-rounder tablets too.

12. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 12 Gifts & gadgets for coffee lovers

A mix of high-end, affordable and silly gifts and gadgets for the coffee monster in your life.

13. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 15 Gifts & accessories for aspiring photographers

Here’s our list of gifts and accessories for beginners who may already have a camera but need a little helping hand when it comes to everything else. From necessary bags and straps, through to lenses and silly novelty gifts, it’s an aspiring photographer’s ultimate wish list.

14. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Phone accessories for mobile photographers & Instagram lovers

If you know someone who’s constantly asking you to pose then taking mobile snaps and adding filters to their creations with the likes of Instagram, then check out our list of cool phone accessories especially for mobile photography geeks.

Our favourite mobile photography accessory: The very clever (but a little bulky) iPhone Lens Dial.

15. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 5 of the best iPad 2 cases

We’ve collected together our top five cases for the iPad 2 that will keep tablets safe and dry, but also make excellent Christmas gifts. There’s a mix of fancy, shiny, tough and practical, so take your pick!

Our favourite iPad 2 case: The whole Maroo range!

16. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Our favourite headphones of 2011 for every taste and budget

Here’s a big round up of our 20 favourite headphones of the year, some are brand new, some have been around for ages, some are incredible, some are just cheap and cheerful, but hopefully there’ll be something in the list that’ll suit your budget.

Our favourite headphones: They may be a bit pricey, but wow we love these Blue Ant Embrace Stereo Headphones.

17. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Our pick of the best digital cameras for beginners

There are so many different cameras on the market at the moment that it can be hard to find one which is compact, affordable, easy-to-use and produces great results too, after all if you’re just getting into photography you don’t want to drag around a huge device and loads of kit from the start if you’re not sure what to do with it.

So if you’re buying for a wannabe photographer this year then let us introduce you to three of our favourite cameras the Olympus PEN E-PM1, the Fujifilm 600 and the Samsung MV800.

Our favourite camera: We do love the Pen MINI, but the Fuijilm 600 is just a little more budget-friendly.

18. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Quirky tech toys & gifts for kids

If you’re spending this Christmas with family, then it’s important the littlest relatives have plenty to do throughout the day so they’re not distracted, pulling down Christmas trees and putting tinsel on the cat.

There are plenty of quirky toys and tech gifts for kids available at the moment, from the teeny tiny alternative to Lego, Nanoblocks, to dancing animal speakers. Just make sure your choice of present doesn’t make them even more irritating and excitable, like the Snowball Blaster…

19. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Our 5 favourite smart phones for creative types, teens & photographers

As every big mobile tech brand competes with bigger, better, faster and shinier handsets it can be hard to find the right smart phone among a sea that all look, sound and feel the same.
So, here’s our five favourite smart phones of the moment that’ll make great Christmas presents. Check out our recommendations about who each will be best for too, but remember to do a bit of sneaky research yourself, if the person you’re buying for is a die-hard Apple fan nothing else is likely to cut it in their eyes.

20. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Best beauty gadgets for looking fabulous

Go and Google “beauty gadgets” and you’ll be shocked, there are all kinds of contraptions and devices that look like they’ve been shipped in straight from the set of Saw.

When it comes to tech designed to make us look good, the general rule is that if it seems a little too gimmicky, creepy and too-good-to-be-true chances are it’ll be all of those things and stupidly expensive to boot.

So here’s our pick of the best beauty gadgets for Christmas presents this year. Some may look a bit unconventional but they’re all about making the best of what you’ve got, not hurting your hair, manipulating your skin and excessively whitening your teeth within an inch of your life.

21. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: The best fun video games for all the family

Christmas is the perfect time to get everyone from your brother to your grandma playing video games as one big happy family. So, here are some of our favourites for the little ones, the oldies and the boys regardless of which console you’ve got…

22. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Last minute presents for the geeky guy in your life

Our sister site Tech Digest has been collecting together all kinds of Christmas gift guides for geeky guys and tech fans over the past few weeks. Our particular favourites are these retro presents and collection of geek chic apparel, but here’s our pick of the best presents for the geeky guy in your life.

22. CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Last minute high street gadgets & accessories

A lot of large retailers will still deliver gifts to your door right up to the night of Christmas
Eve, but if you’d rather not risk it, then actually head outside away from your computer (we know, we know, crazy talk) to do some last minute Christmas shopping on the high street.

We’ve tried to collect together our favourite gifts, gadgets and tech accessories that you
should (we’re not making any promises) but able to find in most big towns.

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