CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 5 of the best iPad 2 cases

Ever since the iPad jumped into our lives we’ve written about a lot of different cases, accessories and related gadgets here on Shiny Shiny. So for our Christmas gift guide today we’ve collected together our top five cases for the iPad 2 that will keep tablets safe and dry, but also make excellent Christmas gifts. There’s a mix of fancy, shiny, tough and practical, so take your pick!

Tip: You might have to order some of these from US sites, so if you’re based in the UK get them sooner rather than later!

Click here to find out which our best all-rounder case is…

Becca Caddy


  • Fantastic tips you had given to us. I would surely have to use the guide as my number one source in choosing the best iPad cases for my phone. The is some kind of a good advantage for us in making a good look to our gadget.

  • Is there a reason that when you click next it reloads the whole page and not just the box with the content in? It’s really annoying. Not so bad when there’s only five, but if there’s more I never get to the end.

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