One-stop Christmas shopping: all our buying guides in one place

Whether you’re stressing over Secret Santa or wondering what to get Gramps, our buying guides are your saviour. We’ll be doing them all December to help you find the coolest, best value and most-wanted presents to put under the tree this Christmas, plus where to find the prettiest dresses and sparkliest Christmas party shoes – and you can find them all here. It’s your one-stop Christmas shop.


21 Christmas gifts for her for under £50


Not patronising, not pink, just perfect presents for the ladies in your life.


21 Christmas gifts for him for under £50

And the male equivalent. Lots of great ideas here that won’t break the bank this December.

Secret Santa

Unicorn poncho

13 brilliant Secret Santa presents under £5 – yes, we found some

From snuggly hot water bottles to a bright pink unicorn poncho, there’s some great stuff in here for less than five squids.


10 sure-fire Secret Santa gifts for under £10

If the budget is a little higher, we’ve got some sterling ideas – with a few pounds left over to throw in a bag of chocolate coins.


12 Secret Santa gifts for someone you hate

The socially-acceptable way to give someone an STD for Christmas. If you’ve scored the office bore in the Secret Santa draw, here’s how to subtly vex them with your gift choice.

Presents for tricky people

Dream Phone

13 Christmas gifts for 90s kids

Know someone who’s never really dealt with the demise of the Spice Girls? Goin’ Round the Twist trying to find them the perfect present? We’re here to help, Baby G.


Top 12 Christmas gifts for gamers

When you’re buying for someone who’s always glued to their PC, phone or console, it can be easy to lame out and go for the easy option: XBox points, strategy guides and the like. Here are 12 more original suggestions that’ll show the gamer in your life that you do listen when they tell you – yet again – why Destiny is the most beautifully-designed game ever made.



18 fitness gifts and gadgets

Buying for someone who’s into running, yoga or fitness can be tricky if you’re not particularly knowledgeable about it. Ill-chosen presents can be insulting (we know someone who got trousers two sizes too small as an ‘incentive’ one Christmas) or just useless (plimsolls for cross-country running?!) – so here are 18 surefire suggestions that’ll make them happy and keep them motivated.

Trevor Sorbie Keratin + Argan hair wand

9 perfect gifts for beauty addicts

Everyone loves to look lovely, whether it’s with perfect ringlets, beautifully-manicured gel nails or flawless skin. Here are 9 gadgets that’ll help the beauty lover in your life feel their best.


The 10 best digital radios

A digital radio is a pretty crowdpleasing present, especially for anyone who’s still struggling with a crackly FM one. It’s a good choice for aunties, uncles, grandparents and people you don’t know all that well. Here are 10 of the best.


The 10 cosiest warming gadgets

Know someone who’s always freezing? We certainly do (Editor Holly, aka Icefingers) – here are the top 10 gadgets that’ll keep them toasty warm this winter. Particularly good for anyone who lives in the nippy north.


15 of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents

Grandparents are really hard to buy for, not least because they say “Oh, don’t you spend your money on me, I don’t need anything” every single year. Help me out here, nan! Thankfully, here are 15 thoughtful, useful gift ideas for your parents’ parents.



15 gadgets any tech fan would love to open this Christmas

From privacy-shielding tablet cases to multichargers, this list has everything for the gadget fan in your life. Even if that’s you.


Christmas_TV_Breaking-sml (1)

10 Christmas presents inspired by our favourite TV shows

If there’s a box-set or Netflix addict in your life (or, to be really retro, someone who watches actual TV), these pressies are perfect. From Doctor Who cookie jars to the amazing Breaking Bad light, they’re a lot more original than yet another set of DVDs.


10 winter essentials for cyclists

Practical and thoughtful presents for the two-wheeler in your life: everything from cycling-specific charity headphones to snuggly thermals. They’ll love them so much, they might even let you have a go on the back.

10 gifts any film fan wants for Christmas


For goodness’ sake, don’t get them a Netflix subscription. Here are 10 non-obvious presents that show you’ve noticed they’re a cinema connoisseur.


10 excellent smartphones under £150

Know someone who’s still struggling with a generations-old smartphone that barely works anymore? Make their whole year with one of these pocket-friendly but high-performing budget smartphones. I’m getting my mum one – that Galaxy S2 has seen better days.

Christmas fashion


31 beautiful pairs of Christmas party flat shoes

Sometimes you want to go out in shoes that won’t kill your feet when you’re still dancing at 2am. Here’s an abundance of beautiful pairs that keep the festive vibe going without the ball-breaking pain of heels.


The 20 best Christmas party dresses of 2014

Sparkly, spangly, swishy – here are 20 amazing frocks you won’t catch anyone else wearing at the Christmas party. Unless they’ve read this guide, of course.


12 Christmas party outfits that won’t leave you freezing

The only rubbish thing about Christmas party season is that it’s so flipping cold. On the one hand, we want to wear our spangliest outfits and show off our Leg Day efforts, but on the other, goosebumps are not so attractive. Nor is shivering. Nor is concentrating on how cold you are when you’re supposed to be having fun. So here are 12 outfits you can look great in without feeling colder than Santa’s grotto. Yay!


13 sparkly Christmas makeup items for under £10

From glitter liner to robin-red lips, here are all the best makeup bits and bobs you can grab from the high street – and none will run you more than a stiff Christmas tenner. Hooray!


Our 10 favourite winter hats from the high street

Keep your noggin oh-so-cosy with these adorable bonce-warmers from your favourite high street shops.


16 of the best ankle boots

One of our most popular posts all month, this roundup of gorgeous ankle boots will keep you warm and stylish this winter.


13 of the best budget knee boots

…And hot on its heels (har, har) is our collection of knee-high lovelies under £75.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-12-at-10.35.0410 of the best Christmas jumpers this year

From ‘Happy birthday Jesus’ to this fantastic gingerbread number, here are ten jumpers yule love. Ho ho ho.

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