15 of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents

OK, stop. Cross off Old Spice, bath salts, and socks (novelty or not) from your shopping list. However much your grandparents tell you that just seeing your smiling face at Christmas is present enough, we all know they deserve better than a hasty purchase from the ‘on offer’ shelf at your local chemist. But bridging the generation gap can be tricky, so we’re here to help with 15 of our favourite gift ideas, from cultured to cosy, tech-y to foodie, all guaranteed to be better than a pair of socks or soap on a rope…


1. Festive Cheer hamper

This hamper has all the traditional treats you need for a proper British Christmas, including shortbread, marmalade, tea, chocolates, Christmas pudding, and fruit cake, and you can have it delivered free (on the day of your choice) for an extra special surprise.

It’s £30 from Marks and Spencer

Diane Shipley

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