13 Christmas gifts for 90s kids

Unless you’ve recently been dug up with the Blue Peter time capsule or victim of a serious malfunction involving Bernard’s Watch, you’ll probably have noticed that the 90s are back – and they’re everywhere. As we all know Christmas and nostalgia go together like PJ and Duncan, take some inspiration for your gift list from the decade that gave us squidgy aliens, hypercolour t-shirts and tattoo chokers to find the perfect gift for a 90s kid. They might appreciate them more this time around…


1. Casio Baby-G 

Legitimately back in fashion now (unless fashion is joking again), Casio’s iconic Baby-G was the smartwatch of its day.

Twenty years on from its release, the Baby-G still boasts all the features an adventurous 90s kid needs – shockproof, in case you fall off your platforms; waterproof, for doing underwater handstands; and a stopwatch, for timing how long you can do underwater handstands. It’ll look just as good in the boardroom as it did down the under-16s disco.

£27.49, Argos.

Lauren Bravo

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