13 Christmas gifts for 90s kids

Unless you’ve recently been dug up with the Blue Peter time capsule or victim of a serious malfunction involving Bernard’s Watch, you’ll probably have noticed that the 90s are back – and they’re everywhere. As we all know Christmas and nostalgia go together like PJ and Duncan, take some inspiration for your gift list from the decade that gave us squidgy aliens, hypercolour t-shirts and tattoo chokers to find the perfect gift for a 90s kid. They might appreciate them more this time around…

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1. Casio Baby-G 

Legitimately back in fashion now (unless fashion is joking again), Casio’s iconic Baby-G was the smartwatch of its day.

Twenty years on from its release, the Baby-G still boasts all the features an adventurous 90s kid needs – shockproof, in case you fall off your platforms; waterproof, for doing underwater handstands; and a stopwatch, for timing how long you can do underwater handstands. It’ll look just as good in the boardroom as it did down the under-16s disco.

£27.49, Argos.

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Dream Phone

2. Dream Phone

Of course, it feels a bit sacrilegious that they’ve changed the old pink cordless to a modern mobile (so much further from the Babysitters’ Club private phone line dream), but still – Dream Phone will be a total treat for anyone struggling to remember dating pre-Tinder. They can find out why Brad never called again after that one amazing date to the mall in ’95!

Don’t buy it for an actual child, though. It’s a bit creepy.

£17.99, Argos

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Bayside Tigers t-shirt

3. Bayside Tigers t-shirt

When it comes to nostalgic merch, everyone knows the best stuff is the stuff in the TV show, not about the TV show.

Give a friend a t-shirt with Kelly Kapowski or Zack Morris on and they’ll be happy for a day, but give them a t-shirt that lets them pretend to BE Kelly Kapowski or Zack Morris and they’ll be happy for ever.

£22.99, TruffleShuffle

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Round the Twist box set

4. Round the Twist box set

For anyone who has ever, ever felt like this… the complete Round the Twist DVD collection is a chance to revisit all 52 episodes and see which of your weird memories were real RTT storylines, and which were fever dreams you had with the chicken pox.

£10.99, Zavvi

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Clueless print


5. Clueless poster

If their yellow tartan co-ords and knee socks are making you wonder whether they’d prefer fashion victim or ‘ensemble challenged’, chances are they’d love this too. And as Cher says: ’tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other people.

£10, Etsy

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6. Powerbrain YoYo

There was one kid at every 90s school who could do yoyo so well that people rumoured they might actually become famous. If you’re friends with that (non-famous) kid today, this is what they definitely want for Christmas.

A decade and a half on from the coveted X-Brain you probably learned to walk the dog on, the Yomega Powerbrain has a switch, a clutch system and two different playing levels. It’s so souped up it’s basically a car.

£7.99, Yoyoz

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Mood ring

7. Mood ring

A stalwart of the 90s jewellery box, mood rings were amazing because they combined science, emotions and looking totally bitchin’. A step on from the ones we used to buy with our pocket money from the newsagents, this Urban Outfitters version will slip seamlessly back into their wardrobes.

Come to think of it, how have we been able to tell how we were feeling for the last 15 years?

£8, Urban Outfitters

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My Little Pony mug

8. My Little Pony mug

Recapturing the joy of playing with Lickety-Split, Rainbow Blossom and CandyPie TwinkleWhatever but in a thoroughly useful, adult format, this mug features the ponies as all 90s kids will remember them. Apart from the one whose mane your brother cut off as revenge.

£7.99, I Want One Of Those

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Nintendo 64 soap

9. Nintendo 64 soap

You may have fallen off a thousand rainbow roads and been repeatedly crushed by Bowser, but using soap is a skill pretty much everyone can master.

Lather up some nostalgia with these perfect soapy replicas of the Nintendo 64 game cartridges – available in 

£9.99, Firebox

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Mr Frosty

10. Mr Frosty

The gift we put on every Christmas list we ever wrote during the 90s (but never actually received), Mr Frosty was the closest anyone was ever going to get to their own personal ice cream van – or at least the most amusing way to eat water frozen in a range of different shapes and textures. By all accounts it was crap, but that’s beside the point.

£20, Hawkin’s Bazaar

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Cyber Candy gift box

11. Cyber Candy gift box

They’re older and wiser and all of their milk teeth have fallen out now, so maybe they won’t chomp through this whole gift box in the space of an afternoon (except the Parma Violets) but eat it sparingly over the course of a few weeks, with a nice bottle of Merlot. Maybe.

£9.99, CyberCandy

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Badge It

12. Badge It

Just think – with your very own badge maker you can have unlimited badges! All the badges your heart desires!

It may not have actually desired badges since before the Millennium, but now’s the time to help them rediscover that passion. Hey, if they get really good they could even start their own Etsy shop.

£19.99, Amazon

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90s phone case

13. The ultimate 90s phone case

Featuring everything from a Furby and Tamagotchi to Pingu, Salem the cat and a tiny Nokia 3310 (just to mess with your head), this iPhone case will leave people in no doubt as to which decade your colours are pinned.

£18.75, Redbubble

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