Five great camera accessories for your iPhone

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Cameraphones are great for their convenience and multiple functionalities, but they’re a little bit limited compared to dedicated, standalone cameras. If you, like many people, own an iPhone that you use to take photos there are a few bits and pieces you can go out and buy to make the process easier and better.


GripTight GorillaPod Stand, £18

Sometimes you need a little bit of extra support for your photographical activities. You could go out and buy a cumbersome, expensive tripod with a dedicated smartphone stand to assist you, or you could buy yourself a GorillaPod. It functions in pretty much the same way, except the flexible legs can be wrapped around pretty much everything. What exactly does this mean then? What it means is that it opens up a whole new realm of shooting possibilities for you. You could wrap it round a tree, on a lamppost, or even use the legs to steady it on rough terrain.

Plus it’s incredibly easy to clip your phone in and out of the stand with minimal fuss.

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The iPhone SLR Mount, $200 (£125, including shipping)

The iPhone can’t really compare to a decent DSLR, and while apps have tried to compensate they have most failed because its a hardware issue that can’t be fixed with fancy software fiddling around with the photos. That’s here the SLR mount comes in.

The SLR Mount come in Canon and Nikon varieties, and allow you to attach each company’s respective lenses onto your iPhone 4 or 4S. Whether it’s long zoom, fish eye, macro, telephoto, you name it. If you can get your hands on it then you can can clip it onto your phone and make your shots a little better. It’s not going to give you the same level of quality you can get with a good DSLR, but it’s a start.

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EEE 5-in-1 Kit, $41 (£26, including shipping)

A kit designed for the iPhone 6, the EEE 5-in-1 Kit is designed cover most of your basic mobile photography needs. Included in the kit is an expendable tripod mount, a Bluetooth shutter reote, a protective case to keep your phone safe from the elements, a belt-clip to easy access, and a storage pouch to keep the rest of your kit together. Sadly this in’t compatible with the iPhone 6 plus, but if you own an iPhone 6 then this is the perfect thing to buy to get yourself started.

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The Camalapse Mobile, $56 (£35, including shipping)

Taking a timelapse is an incredibly difficult process because you need to be able to keep your hands totally smooth and steady. Unless they’re a robot there’s absolutely no chance of that happening with a real person. That’s why you should have Camalapse do it for you.

All you need to do is clip it to your phone, turn it and leave it in a steady place. It’ll rotate 360 degrees in an hour without you have to do anything else, plus it doesn’t need batteries so you don’t have to worry about it stopping halfway through the process.It’s simple, effective, and makes for some great pictures at the very end.

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Flash Dock, 43€ (£35, including shipping)

If you’re an iPhone user with a penchant for photography with a good old-fashioned DSLR, there are some ways you could combine the two together and use your iPhone to enhance your photography experience without sacrificing the quality. SO instead of buying yourself a bunch of expensive accessories like a flashgun, why not just use your phone? The Flash Dock does a lot of things, the most obvious of which is using your phone’s flash as a gentle alternative to the flash from a regular flashgun. If you get yourself an Eye-Fi card for your camera you can also send your photos straight to your phone for geo-tagging purposes, a smidge of extra storage space, and maybe even cloud back-ups.

Tom Pritchard

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