An HTC wearable is coming next month, but it won’t be a smartwatch

After a great deal of speculation and waiting on our part, our first look at an HTC wearable is finally on its way and we’ll apparently be able to see it at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

An HTC spokesperson confirmed the debut to VentureBeat, as well revealing that the device will definitely not be a smartwatch. Apparently this mysterious wearable will be “very different to anything currently on the market”.

What that means is unclear at this point, but since the report from VentureBeat claims that HTC “will work closely with other companies who have already done significant work in developing apps for activities such as fitness,” it sounds like it will definitely function as some sort of fitness tracker. Seeing what makes it different to other fitness trackers that are available should be interesting.

We’re less than a month away from CES at the moment, so we certainly don’t have long to wait before we see what HTC is bringing to the table. It’s attracted my curiosity, but let’s see if it’s worthy of our attention.

Tom Pritchard