The HTC smartwatch might not be dead after all

Do you remember the rumours that popped up earlier this week that suggested HTC might be ditching the smartwatch business? It turns out that might be true. Sources who are reportedly close to the company told CNET that HTC is actually looking at an early 2015 release date for its, as of yet unannounced, smartwatch.

The original rumours suggested that the fierce competition in the smartwatch market from the likes of Samsung, LG, Motorola, and now Apple, was partially to blame for the rumoured scrapping of the smartwatch. Other factors included HTC’s recent financial problems, and the supposed lack of ‘wow factor’ in the smartwatch’s design.

Although we know very little about HTC’s smartwatch, other than the fact that it is/was in development, its certainly going to be an Android Wear device if it ever gets released. Considering how great its Android offerings have been of late, it would be fantastic to see what they could do with Android Wear.

Don’t rush things because of the competition HTC, don’t be like Samsung and release six different smartwatches in the space of 12 months. Nail it the first time and we will all love you for it.

Featured image via @evleaks

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Tom Pritchard

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