10 sure-fire Secret Santa gifts for under £10

It’s that time of year again, the time where the dreaded office Secret Santa rears its head and forces you to buy a gift for the guy in accounting that you’ve never said more than “morning” to. It’s tricky to buy something great and thoughtful on a shoestring, so if the budget is a little bit more than £5, here are our top 10 suggestions.

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1. Damn You Auto Correct 2, £7

We’ve all been there, and that’s what makes this book of autocorrect fails both relatable and hairy. Sorry, hilarious. Dammit, phone!

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2. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree, £5.30

‘Tis the season and all that. Make sure you give it early enough for it to actually grow a bit, though – otherwise it might have to be next year’s Christmas tree.

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3. Secret Santa Box, £10

This is aimed at the cynic who hates Secret Santa, or if you just have no clue what to give. Firebox’s mystery box takes the stress out of Secret Santa by sending out a pre-wrapped surprise gift. Even you won’t know what it is, so you can’t feel guilty if they don’t like it.

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4. USB Cup Warmer, £5.50

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve worked so hard (or watched so many cat videos) that our hot beverage has gone cold. Give your friend or colleague the gift of empathy with this handy USB plate that will keep their mug at drinking temperature.

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5. Ultimate Geek Pen, £9

If you really don’t have a clue what to buy someone, you could just pick something that’s universally useful like the Ultimate Geek Pen. The 5-in-1 ensemble includes a biro, touchscreen stylus, torch, laser pointer, and UV light.

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6. Grow Your Own Chocolate Scented Flowers, £9.95

In an office environment, flowers help to make the place more presentable, and cover up the smell of the communal loos (dammit, Dave from Accounting, what did you eat last night?!). These flowers inexplicably smell of chocolate, so they can make you hungry while they improve the air.

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7. Christmas Jumper Mug, £8

A Christmassy gift for someone to enjoy if they don’t have the patience to grow a tree. This is an adorable knitted jumper for your mug that will keep it nice and snug with a festive feel. A crowd-pleaser.

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8. Flavoured Popcorn, £4 

Unless they’re a complete scrooge (or allergic to popcorn), then whoever you have to buy for will love this. It’s the perfect treat to eat while watching a Christmas movie (Home Alone, obvs): delicious popcorn infused with a variety of Christmassy flavours, including mint, brandy butter, and the humble mince pie.

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9. Fucking Hell Beer, £10

This is guaranteed to give everyone a chuckle, even if the name technically isn’t rude. You see, Hell is a kind of pale beer enjoyed in Austria and Southern Germany, and this one is lovingly named after the Austrian town of Fucking. Funny name aside, it is still beer, and if they don’t like that, you can drink it for ’em.

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10. Instagram Prints, £0.20 per photo

A perfectly personalised present for the Instagram addict in your life: a vintage-style set of prints of all their best snaps. They’ll heart you forever.



Tom Pritchard

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