Fitbit has updated its Windows Phone app with Cortana support

Finding a worthwhile use for your virtual assistant can be a bit tricky at times, but thanks to a collaboration between Microsoft and Fitbit Windows Phone’s Cortana virtual assistant is becoming a rather useful tool for Fitbit owners.

From today Cortana will be compatible with the official Fitbit app on Windows Phone, allowing users to track their food intake quickly and more efficiently. All you have to do is speak to Cortana and say something along the lines of “Fitbit, I had lasagne for dinner”, or “Fitbit, I ate a Mars Bar at lunch” and it’ll be recorded in the app.

If virtual assistants aren’t your thing, then one other big addition to the app is the inclusion of a feature called MobileTrack. MobileTrack is a system to monitor your activity and steps even if you don’t have a Fitbit fitness tracker. Fitbits might not be expensive, but it certainly would be handy to have a backup if you forgot to plug your tracker in to charge up. If that wasn’t enough all Fitbit app users will now be able to take advantage of Fitbit’s new challenges to make their workouts more fun.

At the moment Cortana support with the Fitbit app is relatively limited, but Fitbit has promised that new you will soon be able to use the virtual assistant to log your activity and be able exercise modes using voice commands in the near future. It’s a bit useless if you’re not a fitness person, but at least it’s something that is made easier by using a virtual assistant. We don’t have too many of those about.

Tom Pritchard