The 20 best Christmas party dresses of 2014

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas invites are flooding in, and you have nothing to wear that everyone hasn’t seen before. Oh and of course, you need a different outfit for your work party, house party and New Year’s Eve – we’re exhausted just thinking about it. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work already: here are 20 beautiful dresses you can wear for anything. And since it’s Black Friday, you might be able to nab ’em extra-cheap.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.00.36

1) Ariella

Love yourself some ‘50s, but want a modern twist on the vintage style? I love this dress from Ariella. The fit and flare silhouette along with its off the shoulder neckline makes it look so flattering, while the digital floral print on the a-line knee length skirt really makes it stand out.

The prom dress was originally £125, but is available from Ariella London for £87 now.


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Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.05.46

2) Jones + Jones

Having gone to university in Liverpool, where all the girls seem to wear Jones + Jones, I do associate the brand very much with the Scouse look. However, this dress just absolutely stood out for me, due to its gorgeous blue colour, and its shape. The lace back is stunning as well, and who doesn’t love a petticoat for added volume underneath? The only issue with this dress would be HOW THE HELL DO YOU WEAR A BRA?!

If you’re able to go out braless, you can get this dress from Jones + Jones for £65.

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3) Ingenue

You can’t go to a Christmas party without a bit of sparkle, and this dress has more than you can shake a wand-shaped stick at. The wrap style dress has a really flattering shape, and, as a midi-length, it’s that bit more demure too.

This dress is available from Ingenue London for £78.

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4) Topshop

This dress will definitely turn heads, seeing as it’s so sparkly and lacy. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than it looks. I could never get away with wearing it, because it would turn into a train at the bottom, due to my height (lack of it, rather), so please wear it for me!

This stunning dress is available from Topshop for £55.

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5) New Look

Seeing as this dress is as sequinny (is that a word?) as a sequin dress can get, it would be perfect for ShinyShiny’s Christmas party, where the dress code is – of course – shiny! This sparkly number comes in three different colours, but my favourite is definitely the green.

Get one from New Look for £39.99.

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6) Miss Selfridge

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a good co-ord, and Miss Selfridge are going all out with theirs at the moment, which makes me happy. This is my favourite one they’re selling. I love the shape of the top and the skirt separately, especially as, a lot of the time, co-ords can go wrong on the top or bottom. Also, this one’s metallic, so lovely and Christmassy!

You can get the top for £20 and the skirt for £25 from Miss Selfridge.

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image1xxl (3)

7) Little Mistress

This dress is a gorgeous deep blue, and the metallic bodice makes it that bit more special than your average babydoll dress. It’s such a flattering shape too, and seems like it would suit pretty much any body type.

The Little Mistress dress is available from ASOS for £37.50, down from £50.

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8) Girls On Film Petite

Sorry to anyone over 5”4, this dress is only for us short-arses. This dress is really cute, especially with the criss-cross neckline to make it stand out. Also, with this being a Christmas party dress list, it’s metallic again! Come on, it’s the only time of year you can get away with wearing as much sparkle as is physically possible.

This Girls On Film dress is available from ASOS for £45.

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image4xxl (1)

9) True Decadence

Maxi dresses are never a friend to all. I mean, obviously a 5”1-sized person is going to be tripping up all over a dress that’s floor-length for a girl of 5”11. That’s why I love that True Decadence has made this stunning sequinned maxi dress for petite and tall people separately. The thigh high split and low back are both stunning, but I really think it’s the navy colour that makes it.

The True Decadence dress is available in Tall and Petite on ASOS for £63 (no extra charges if you’re tall).

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image1xxl (4)

10) ASOS

This dress is the epitome of office-to-bar. The collar and cuffs make it look like workwear, but the sequins are screaming PARTY! If you like covering up on a night out, this could definitely be the dress for you.

It’s £55 from ASOS, and is also available in Petite.

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image4xxl (2)

11) Lipstick Boutique

Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with sequins? You’d have to be brave or be a celeb attending a film premiere to wear this, because it really is as gold and glittery and film starry as you could get. Again, this is a petite dress, so only for those 5”4 and under. Soz.

You can buy this Lipstick Boutique dress from ASOS for £90.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.43.49

12) Missguided

Want the glitter but don’t want to go as big on the sequins as that last dress? This figure-hugging black midi dress sparkles in a subtle way that looks really lovely, and makes this black dress way more exciting.

You can get this dress from Missguided for £19.99.

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13) Motel Rocks

Yes, this dress is incredibly short, and no, you probably can’t wear a bra with it, but IT’S SO PRETTY! I’m a bit obsessed with the colour, even though I could never wear it because it’s the same colour as my skin. You, however, yes, you, can pull this off.

Get it from Motel Rocks for £39.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.53.53

14) Ariella

OK, not technically a dress, but jumpsuits are great to wear to parties (and warmer than a dress if, like me, you’re not a tights fan). This one is so elegant and simple, but the lace detail and the waistband glam it up.

You can buy this jumpsuit from Ariella London for £87.50 (originally £125).

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15) Jones + Jones

I love the shape of this dress, as well as the sequinned top. However, I’m VERY confused about whether the top is see-through or not. If it is, where are the model’s nipples? If it isn’t, and I hope it isn’t, I love the fact that there’s a nude underlay contrasting with the black sequin diamonds.

You can buy this dress from Jones + Jones for £65.

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16) Topshop

If sequins aren’t your bag, then this dress has feathers instead, which makes this simple white dress look way more exciting.

You can buy it from Topshop for £55.

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17) Girls On Film

Another metallic gold skater dress, but I love the cut-out back of this one. The fit and flare shape is flattering on everyone, and this dress just feels really Christmassy.

You can buy this Girls On Film dress from New Look for £34.

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18) Miss Selfridge

I’m absolutely in love with this gothic head-turning dress. It’s so amazing and lacy, but it’s definitely one for the taller girls out there.

You can buy this from Miss Selfridge for £55.

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image2xxl (1)

19) ASOS

My keyboard is actually wet, because this dress has made me drool so much. The shape and the lace detail is so gorgeous, and if you wear it to a Christmas party, you’re guaranteed to get envious looks from absolutely everyone.

You can buy this dress from ASOS for £75.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 09.59.45

20) Missguided

This dress just screams Christmas with how red it is. The keyhole detail in the top is so cute as well, and definitely makes the dress stand out from the crowd. Also, the skirt looks so swishy, and who doesn’t love a swishy skirt?

You can get this dress from Missguided for £34.99.

Hayley Minn

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