The Windows 10 preview could reach us in January

After the backlash that Microsoft received over Windows 8, a lot of people (this writer included) can’t wait for Windows 10 to arrive. Thankfully it looks like it could be sort-of arriving rather soon because rumour has it the consumer preview will become available towards the end of January.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is going to unveil the preview at a special event sometime in the New Year, and it’ll show us all the first glimpse of the consumer features present in Windows 10.

Apparently this event will also include details on the versions of Windows 10 that will be present on Windows Phones, tablets, and the Xbox One. All are important, since Windows 10 is designed to be one platform across multiple devices. How Microsoft will achieve that is not currently known, but it would make sense for some of those details to be made public around this time.

We don’t know all that much about Windows 10, but some of the things we do know include the fact that it’ll see the return of the Start Menu. Once the preview has arrived this should change, and we’ll get an idea of how the new OS fares against its predecessors.

Tom Pritchard