The week in hashtags: #MFW, #HeForShe, #LessClassicallyBeautiful and more


Proving she can stand up to more than just dementors, Emma Watson had the crowd spellbound with her speech at the launch of the United Nations’ He For She campaign. Hogwarts puns aside, it was an emotional, provocative speech that challenged perceptions of women’s rights, inviting men and boys to become advocates for change by joining the fight for gender equality – and it unleashed a wave of support and debate on Twitter, naturally. Magic.


There’s a new mobile telephone out. You might have heard. With 10 million handsets sold in its first three days on the market, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are officially record-breakers. They’re also heartbreakers (the battery life is a bit dismal), screen-breakers (the first guy to get his hands on one dropped it on the pavement) and dealbreakers – at least according to The Onion. But not everyone was quite so impressed.


Another week, another brilliant Twitter bigotry takedown. When The New York Times published a feature on Shonda Rhimes’ latest TV hit How to Get Away With Murder in which it referred to the show’s star, award-winner Viola Davis, as ‘less classically beautiful’ than Kerry Washington or Halle Berry (for being ‘older’ and ‘darker-skinned’), the slur was turned into a hashtag calling out prejudice and celebrating beauty of all shades.


It’s always heartwarming to see that hashtag games are still alive and well in some quarters of the internet. We partied like it was 2010 with this gem, #HipsterComicBooks, off the back of US show @ Midnight. Honourable mentions to ‘Cardigans of the Galaxy’ and ‘I Don’t Own an Iron, Man’.


Bellissima! Magnifico! Other superlatives we learned off Rosa the Italian lady in Fireman Sam! Milan Fashion Week happened, and it was fabulous. Highlights to note included rucksacks, sheer trousers, hi-top trainers (we didn’t dream it, flats are back), leather fringing, matador jackets and a Marni runway more floral than your Auntie Joan’s downstairs loo.


Wait, but didn’t we already have a Friends anniversary this year? Wasn’t there a whole rush of nostalgia and enough Friends-related listicles to fill every giant coffee mug in New York, like, four months ago? NO, YOU FOOL – that was the 10-year anniversary of the final episode airing. THIS is the 20-year anniversary of the FIRST episode airing. *clap clap clap clap*

Time to be horrified by how old Phoebe’s triplets would be now, all over again.

Main image: Michael Coghlan

Lauren Bravo

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